Super Carry makes strong inroad in India’s mini-truck segment

Super Carry makes strong inroad in India’s mini-truck segment

The mini-truck firmly gaining market share despite aggressive rivals and well-establish products in the segment. Since its commercial launch, Super Carry's sale continues to surge.

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest passenger vehicle makers which retails its mini-truck Super Carry-only product in the commercial vehicle segment- is making smart gains in the 2T mini-truck segment in India. This segment is dominated by two established players, the market leader Tata Motors with its popular Ace range of mini trucks and Mahindra & Mahindra's (M&M) Jeeto range of small trucks.  

Maruti Suzuki entered the highly competitive 2T truck segment in 2016 with the launch of mini-truck Super Carry. The expanding cities, growing needs of faster and more efficient last-mile transportation needs has enabled a brisk growth in the mini-truck segment in India. Recognizing an opportunity, Maruti Suzuki launched the Super Carry in 2016 in limited markets. Since then Super Carry not just established as a product but started competing with existing products by gaining substantial market share in the last three years. Super Carry has won a greater customer acceptance since its commercial launch thus propelling Maruti Suzuki to be a strong number three player in the highly contested mini-truck segment.   

Market Share Gain

At present, the overall commercial vehicles segment in India is facing a sustained slowdown with all the segments of the market have been declining considerably month-on-month. The mini-truck segment is not an exception to this trend, which de-grew by over 20 percent between April-September 2019 with a total sale of 88,597 units. (April-September 2018: 1,10,894 units). The drop in overall industry volume in the segment has adversely impacted the sales of OEMs.

However, Maruti Suzuki which has retailed a told of 11,901 units of Super Carry in April-September 2019, (April-Sep 2018:10,439) with a total segment market share of 13.4 % gaining 4 % market share against the same period last year. While Tata Motors sold 56,721 units (market share: 64%) and M&M 19,770 (market share: 22.3%), they have registered a drop in their market share as compared to the same period last year. In the last three years, Super Carry has seen a year-on-year increase in sales, in FY17-18, it sold a total of 10,033 units, which jumped massively by 137% in FY '18-19 to 23,874 units.  

Despite a sharp fall in the overall mini-truck segment, Super Carry has performed far better than rival products, this indicates the popularity of the products among transporter. In the last three years, Super Carry continues to gain market share as the company expanded its commercial vehicle sales and service touchpoints across the country.

Super Carry targeted at the last-mile delivery comes with a 793 cc diesel engine and an all-new 1200 cc CNG engine variant. To further help the customers in building customized bodies for specialised goods applications, Super Carry also comes with a cab-chassis variant. 


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