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RFID Tags Will Be Mandatory In Three Days For All Commercial Vehicles

Published On Aug 19, 2019By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Commercial vehicles will require radio frequency ID tags to go past the toll barriers and enter or leave the city. Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority said on Tuesday that the ones not following this instruction will face the penalty of paying double the toll and environment compensation charges. This system will permit the automated acquisition of toll tax and environment compensation cost from commercial vehicles entering the city.

In a meeting with the Delhi transport department, South Delhi Municipal Corporation and police officers, EPCA member Sunita Narain said “In the first week, the penal toll will be two times. In the second, four times and in the third, six times. No commercial vehicles will be allowed into Delhi if they aren’t cashless and pre-registered.”

Moreover, the expert panel had requested the professionals to make the system active across 13 entry points and had provided them with the deadline of August 15 to execute the radio frequency-enabled border crossings active for commercial vehicles. However, due to security concerns on Independence Day, EPCA, on Tuesday, delayed the execution by a day.

The RFID project, by removing human interaction and cash transactions, is proposed to decrease the time consumed at the toll plazas by vehicles. EPCA chairman Bhure Lal said, “Let’s use this opportunity to do maximum preregistration. Trucks will be parked on the road right outside the city. Send 12 teams to Haryana and deploy eight in Uttar Pradesh. This will ensure more vehicles get the RFID tags.”

A transport department executive said there were six spots before entering Delhi where commercial vehicles could receive these tags.

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