Renault Rules Out Duster Oroch Pick-up Launch in India

Renault Rules Out Duster Oroch Pick-up Launch in India
Oct 15, 2015 |

It was just a week ago when Renault launched its Duster based pick-up Oroch in the Brazilian market and with that we discussed the possibility of it coming to India. However, the things have been changed now with Renault India CEO and MD Mr. Sumit Sawhney ruled out any possibilities of this pick-up anytime sooner. He said this in an media presentation recently to Indian Autos Blog. Although with the news of Renault looking up to the Indian LCV market surfaced a few weeks ago and that gave some air to the possible launch of Duster Oroch in India.

Discussing the possibilities, Mr. Sumit said, “India is not a lifestyle pickup market, and such a segment would not justify volumes for a company like Renault which wants to double its market share in the country. At present, the only lifestyle pickups in India are the Isuzu D-Max (top-end variant), Tata Xenon (top-end variant) and the Mahindra Scorpio Getaway, all of which sell in very limited numbers. He further added, “India’s not a pickup market, and (for volumes) I would take the low hanging fruit. If we need to get into the pickup segment, it has to be a wholehearted attempt. We cannot say we want to compete in the commercial market and then do a CKD. The market for LCV is very competitive.”

Well, India has surely become the eye candy of many new vehicle makers around the world and every segment is being tried out including pick-ups, crossovers, hybrid cars and compact SUVs as well. However, the commercial vehicle industry will take some time to adopt these changes.


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