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Product Review: BharatBenz 1923C Tipper

Modified On Dec 14, 2020 12:26 PMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

BharatBenz has an extensive range of tipper portfolio in the 19T to 35T GVW. The tippers are packed with advanced features, superior aggregates, and higher power engines. We take a look at the entry-level 19T GVW tipper.

BharatBenz's new BS6 range of truck promises a change in the Indian trucking industry. The firms say it has designed and developed its new truck range understanding the Indian market, the duty-cycles, and what the customers need precisely. Among the key segment of the Indian truck market, the tippers are one of the important categories.

The tipper category just like the haulage is highly extensive and critical for the truck makers as well as the customer. Trucks often play a part in economic activities, thus they are an essential element in business and nation-building. Tippers are used in activities that are highly necessary for economic progress such as building road, construction, power plants, mining the mineral, or building massive infrastructure projects. India being one of the fastest-growing large economies means tippers are vital across many critical infrastructure needs.

All Indian truck makers have a wide presence in the tipper segment catering to various needs of the customers. The tipper medium and heavy segment start at 19T GVW and then expands all the way to 35T GVW.

BharatBenz like its peers has an expansive portfolio of tippers starting from 19T to 35T with higher power engines and modern cabins. The 1923C is the company’s entry-level tipper targeted at relatively smaller construction and building sites.

What’s on Offer?

The 1923C 6x2 is a 19T GVW tipper is equipped with BharatBenz profit plus technology built on five key pillars including superior fuel efficiency, higher safety and comfort, industry best reliability, lower maintenance and fully connected trucks. This is common across the BS6 trucks portfolio of BharatBenz trucks along with a promise up to 10% higher fuel efficiency, 6% lower maintenance, 20% longer service intervals and 8 years of warranty on each truck.

Performance promise

Performance is at the heart of the 1923C tipper with the combination of strong overall vehicle built and rugged aggregates. BharatBenz unlike its peers in the industry has taken an approach of equipping its truck range with a higher power engine, this strategy is at play since the company entered the Indian trucking scene. 

Consequently, the 1923C comes with 230HP engine against the industry standards of up to 200HP. However, in changing trends, even Indian OEMs have now recognized the need of providing higher power engines for better power-to-weight ratio and greater productivity of trucks.

The 1923C tipper comes with 230HP, 6-cylinder, BS6 engine with maximum torque of 850 Nm, this combination critical for the challenging operation the tipper is deployed. It is fitted with enhanced G85 gearbox which has 6 forward and 1 reserve mechanical, synchromesh gears. It is fitted with a single dry plate, hydraulic clutch with 395 diameters.


Operational efficiency

To efficiently perform the challenging duties, the 1923C gets maximum gradeability of 38% and maximum geared speed of 60kmph, with tyre sizes of 11x20. Like all BharatBenz trucks are factory fitted cabin, and this tipper is no different, it gets modern-day cabin with foldable berth. The loading span is 10.5 Cu. m box type, other important dimensions include the wheelbase of 3600 mm and ground clearance of 265 mm.  

The 1923C is a high-performance tipper and promising product from BharatBenz’s tipper portfolio. This tipper has strong competitors from Tata Motors Signa 1923.K which is powered by Cummins 230HP engine with 850Nm of torque, Ashok Leyland- 1920 4x2 comes with 200 HP engine and 700 Nm of torque and VE Commercial Vehicles Pro 6019T, powered by 210HP engine and 825Nm of torque.

Like the rest of the critical categories, all the products in this 19T tipper category offer similar specs and value proposition to customers. Along with the superior product, the brand, sales support and competitive pricing are critical for making the buying decision for the customer.  

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