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Product Comparison – Tata Ace Vs Mahindra Jeeto

Published On Feb 03, 2020By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra-two domestic OEMs are prominent commercial vehicle makers eyeing leadership in the light commercial vehicle segment. Both the vehicle makers are fighting it out to woo the truck buyers. We compare the two most renowned products in the last-mile delivery, the ubiquitous Ace and the challenger Jeeto. Read to find out which once is the best!

Exponential growth in urbanisation and increasing disposal income paving ways for growing middle-class which is boosting India’s domestic consumption. This coupled with the boom in the e-commerce and retail industries, transformed the last-mile transportation in India. The pioneer of the segment was the Tata Ace platform-first introduced in 2005 which revolutionise the trucking industry. The incredible success of Ace compact trucks made the small commercial vehicle segment the higher growth segment within the commercial vehicles market. Similarly, other manufacturers recognised an opportunity to break into this growing segment. While there are several products in the segment challenging Tata Ace, the Mahindra Jeeto range emerged as a strong competitor.

Mahindra offers Jeeto and Supro mini trucks in its portfolio to take on the mighty Tata Ace family. The Jeeto range competes directly against the smaller Tata Ace Zip range while the Supro takes on high tonnage Ace models.

We take a look at the Tata Ace Zip and the Mahindra Jeeto!

Tata Ace Zip Vs Mahindra Jeeto – Engine Options:

The Tata Ace Zip is offered with both, Diesel and CNG engine variants where the diesel-powered unit is a 611cc Single Cylinder, naturally aspirated, water-cooled engine, Direct Injection unit which is offered in two separate states of tunes. The lower-spec is made available with the Zip Gold and it makes a maximum power output of 12.5bhp made at 3000rpm and a peak torque rating of 35.1Nm arriving in the 1600-1800rpm range. The higher spec makes 12.47bhp of maximum power at 2900rpm and a peak torque rated at 38Nm arriving in 1200-1800rpm range. The CNG powered Tata Ace Zip gets a 611cc Single Cylinder CNG BSIV, Water-cooled, Single Point Gas Injection engine making a maximum power output of 14bhp at 3000rpm and a peak torque of 39Nm in the 1600-1800mm range.

The Mahindra Jeeto comes in both Diesel and CNG variants equipped with the 625cc Single cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine in two separate states of tunes. The output specifications for the lower-spec Jeeto diesel unit is 11bhp of maximum power at 3000rpm and 38Nm of peak torque rating made in the 1100-2000rpm range.  On the other hand, the higher-spec variant gets outputs of 16bhp@3600rpm and 38Nm@1200-2000rpm respectively.  The transmission duties are taken care by 4-Speed manual gearbox mated to a single plate dry clutch for both engine specs. The CNG unit on the Jeeto is a 625cc single-cylinder water-cooled unit making a maximum power output of 16bhp at 3600rpm and a peak torque of 38Nm in the 1200-2200mm range.

Tata Ace Zip Vs Mahindra Jeeto – Payloads and Loading Spans:

The Tata Zip comes in two variants, Zip Gold and Zip XL. The maximum Permissible GVW, kerb weight and Payload for Zip Gold are – 1285kg, 785kg and 500kg respectively. The same specs for the Zip XL are – 1310kg, 710kg, and 600kg, respectively. Here the loading span for the Zip Gold is 5.5 ft and for the Zip XL it is 6.3 ft.

While the Mahindra Jeeto gets three different models – the S-Series, L-Series and the X-series. The maximum Permissible GVW, kerb weight and Payload for these models are – 1285kg, 685kg and 600kg/ 1291kg, 691kg and 600kg/ and 1418kg, 718kg and 700kg, respectively. The loading spans for these three model ranges are – 5.3 ft, 5.8 ft, and 6.3 ft, respectively.

Tata Ace Zip Vs Mahindra Jeeto – Safety and Mileage:

 Tata Ace Zip models get a hydraulic drum setup. On the other hand, all Mahindra Jeeto models offer a similar front disc and rear drum braking setup.

The ARAI certified mileage of the Tata Ace Zip is 33kmpl, and it has a fuel tank capacity of 10 liters. It also offers a gradeability of 22%. On the other hand, the Mahindra Jeeto has an ARAI certified mileage of 33.4kmpl and has a fuel tank capacity of 10.5 liters.


Both the Tata Ace Zip and the Mahindra Jeeto it is obvious they are pitted against each others are equally strong products. Tata Zip has a much better engine in terms of power and torque, the Jeeto promise more variants for a variety of load body options. Interestingly both, the Tata Ace Zip and the Mahindra Jeeto offer the same certified mileage, and yet the fuel tank capacity of the Jeeto is half a liter more than the Tata Ace Zip.

What counts to the truck owner is the OEMs support in the warranty offered on the vehicles and overall aftersales experience in keeping the truck running. Tata ACE Zip comes with 2 years/ 72000km warranty, while Jeeto gets a 3 years/ 72000km warranty. Both brands have a strong presence in India, both in terms of network and support to the remotest part of the country. Finally, the customer is the king to make an informed decision in identifying the most suitable vehicle his transportation needs.

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