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MAN Pushes Towards Autonomous Trucks with New Drafting Scheme

Published On Apr 05, 2016By Prashant Talreja

Global truck maker MAN has been investing heavily in autonomous truck driving. Like other major brands across Europe, such as Daimler and Scania, the firm has been working towards bringing a vision of self-driven trucks to realisation.

Just recently, the company had unveiled a new protocol that would push forward its plan. The scheme involved the concept of convoy driving, and propagated the idea of drafting between the vehicles in the convoys. WiFi facility would enable connectivity between the trucks, while at the same time boosting efficiency on the road.

German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt was present in the event organised by MAN. He expressed confidence and a positive response to the scheme. He reportedly held the belief that the new technology would find widespread acceptance in today's changing world. He highlighted the potential of the new system by drawing a parallel in the way in which smart-phones once spread among the masses.

Andreas Renschler, the head of MAN's heavy-duty vehicles arm stated his belief that drafting would be an acceptable and feasible idea within the coming years. He underlined the need to incorporate sound technology into the function for better working. According to him, a strong digital and connectivity bound structure is pivotal for the process to work out.

Recently, MAN had taken part in a Platooning Challenge organised by the EU. Many other leading companies in the continent such as Scania and Volvo were also present at the event, which was aimed at testing the economic and commercial viability of platooning. The term is meant to describe close-range driving between a pack of trucks, which in turn helps to decrease resistance and boost overall efficiency. Apart from this, the technique is also expected to enhance safety on the roads.

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