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Mahindra Treo Zor- Full- Electric Cargo Three Wheeler: All You Need to Know

Modified On Feb 02, 2021 11:04 AMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Are you in the market looking for an all-electric cargo three-wheeler? Well, your search ends with the new Treo Zor. Modern, powerful, multiple variants and a lot affordable to operate-is the best product out in the market. We tell you everything you should know before you make a decision.   

Mahindra Treo Zor- India’s leading EV makers, launched all-electric cargo 3W as a strong alternative to the conventional diesel cargo 3W. Mahindra indigenously develops the Treo all-electric 3W platform for both the passenger and cargo vehicles. 

The Treo passenger variant is already up and running since last year. This platform has received a positive response from the customers, that prompted the company to expand the platform into other segments. And a cargo solution is an obvious choice for Mahindra as this one is a sizable category of the three-wheeler industry. 

Unlike the traditional approach of launching a single variant of a new vehicle, Mahindra has done the opposite- it has launched not one or two but three variants of Treo Zor- in three different applications. Thus, widening the appeal to this cargo vehicle to a whole lot of customers segments. 

Mahindra is the only large OEM in India that is bullish on the electrification of mobility, both personal and commercial. And the company has been betting on this new mobility EV ear by all means and resources. A strong manufacturing base and extensive R&D capabilities in electric technologies set the company apart from its peers. 

Mahindra believes that last-mile passenger and cargo vehicles are the most suitable to convert as EVs. Thus this is the vital segment to set-up the ecosystem that would pave ways for a larger EV adoption in India. So, what makes the Treo Zor a special vehicle and should you buy it for your transport business or captive use? 

We list the top USP of this tiny little electric cargo three-wheeler.

Powerful Battery

The first and foremost- battery is the heart of an EV. Unlike the locally made lead-acid batteries, Treo Zor comes with a modern lithium-ion battery with advanced IP67 rated motors. This latest-gen battery is not only durable but also quite efficient and easy to use. The 48V voltage battery has a capacity of 7.37 kWh. 

Longer Range

According to Mahindra, you get 125 km of real-life range in a single full charge that takes about less than 4 hours to charge, and the charging is as simple as charging a mobile phone. The peak power of 8kW (10.7hp) and a higher torque of 42Nm is adequate to take on all cargo terrain with any kind of loads. The transmission of Treo Zor comes in direct driver technology which means not clutch and noise. 

Multiple variants

Taking on a different approach that is more benefiting to the customers, Treo Zor is available in multiple variants: Pickup, Delivery Van or FlatBed. So, you can choose the right model as per the needs or applications that suit your business requirements. This makes it easy for the buyer as he saves time and money on customization to adapt and make it relevant for his business. 

Affordable Price 

The three variants of Treo Zor come at a competitive acquisition price. The pickup a 550 kg payload is priced at Rs 2.79 lacs. The flatbed variant offers 578 kg of payload at a sticker price of Rs 2.73 lacs, and the Delivery Van with a container body comes with 500 kg of payload price at Rs 3.08 lacs. All the prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi and net of FAME-2 & state government subsidy. Vehicle prices in India always differ in every state and city. You can check the actual on-road prices in your city or town, and you better reach out to Mahindra EV dealership. However, all three variants nearly cover all the key sub 500 kg cargo applications that the customer likely to use this last-mile vehicle. 

Abundant Features

It is not just the performance of the Treo Zor that differentiate from the rivals it but also the modern features list that makes it surpass the diesel counterparts on many elements. For the starter, the Treo Zor comes with 2216 mm of the wheelbase, longest in the industry and the 30.48 cm tyre is again the biggest in the segment. To use the vehicle effortlessly, the loading height is 675 mm with a convenient 3-way cargo body. The overall driving experience with an ergonomically designed cabin, the top speed of 50 kmph enough for city or town traffic navigation. Treo Zor is fun to drive as there isn’t any clutch, noise and vibration either. 

Convenient & Safe to Drive

Treo Zor also scores high on several safety and convenience features such as windscreen & wiping system, spare wheel provision, driving modes- Forward, Neutral, Reverse, Economy and boost mode. The rooftop comes in the hard panel for protection and safety. A lockable glovebox, 12 V socket, telematics unit and GPS, 15 A off-board charger, hazard indicator and reverse buzzer, etc. This feature list makes this vehicle highly attractive in terms of overall user experience, practicality and convenience.  

Huge Saving

Apart from the clean air and less pollution what is most attractive about all-electric vehicles- they are cheaper to run than conventional fuel-powered vehicles. There are many used case scenarios and data available that suggest this is quite true. EVs are a lot better in terms of the sustainable environment but also to the pocket. Mahindra has demonstrated this in real-time running condition in India with its EVs.

The Treo Zor isn’t any exception as well in the operating area. Mahindra says you can save approximately Rs 60,000 in a year with superior fuel savings of Rs 2.1/km. Not only that but you spend far less on the maintenance with just a marginal 40 paise per km. This underlines a critical point, and if a customer uses the Treo Zor judiciously, he can likely recover the acquisition cost in less than two and a half years and run the vehicle absolutely free to make more money for mini 3-4 years. Not a bad deal at all! 

Latest Technologies

To help you operate and make more money through intelligent fleet management, Mahindra is offering quite a few modern technologies on the Treo Zor. This is to make it attractive enough to the consumer to look at this cargo vehicle as a whole to accelerate the business and stay profitable. The Treo Zor comes with the Mahindra mobile app to run and operate efficiently. Through the App, you can track the real-time performance of the vehicle, monitor operation all the time, this enables you to take any action to prevent an issue that might come up. Moreover, you can take help of data and machine learning through various tools and capabilities. 

Mahindra Treo Zor is clearly a vehicle that defines the cargo electric 3W segment with a highly effective and practical approach. This innovative & futuristic vehicle ticks all the right boxes, and can disrupt the market forever! Are you ready to explore? 

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