Mahindra Launches Smartshift, An e-Commerce Platform for Cargo Dealers

Mahindra Launches Smartshift, An e-Commerce Platform for Cargo Dealers
Oct 21, 2015 |

Mahindra & Mahindra has pioneered new innovations in the Indian CV space, with a dominant role in the sales market. However, a surprising new announcement was made from the group, which is now venturing into the logistics field. The brand has launched a new e-commerce platform, which provides an online channel for its own buyers in the CV field. Termed as 'SmartShift', the application provides a web based ground for cargo owners and transporters to exchange loads, thereby enhancing ease of work for cargo dealers. Owners of all type can log into SmartShift and avail its service through a website, a mobile app, or even through the specific call centers.

The application allows users to specify and search for cargo's based on weight, size and other requirements. The user can also finalist the deal on the application, without the need for an external route of negotiation and payment. The application is designed with an easy-to-operate system involving minimal technicalities. To use this application, cargo owners first need to go for the choice of 'Create a job', upon which they need to provide details regarding date of cargo pickup, destination, type of goods, etc. The user is also provided the choice between 'Open-body' and 'Closed-body' vehicles to suit their cargo. Payment can be conducted through 3 options on the application: ‘payment in advance’, ‘Cash on Delivery’ or ‘come back for payment’.

This app then analyses the job based on the details submitted, and then generates a 'System Price', which is the most appropriate price for the job. Users will need to register themselves with the application to operate it, and to start accepting the jobs. The application allows any individual/company with a single CV to register themselves in it. The registration process is a rather simple one, and it includes document collection and verification among other procedures. Once the user has been registered, he is given an immediate alert whenever a job of his specifications is created. The app charges a nominal 6% commission from the transporter, and the fee is automatically deducted from the account balance at the commencement of a job.

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