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MAHINDRA JEETO - Perfect Mini-Truck for Intracity needs?

Published On Aug 01, 2019By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

The most significant modular range in the sub-1-ton intracity mini truck segment to come up in recent years is the Mahindra Jeeto range. Ever since it was launched back in 2015, this mini truck has been the runaway success for its maker. Available in as many as 3 different ranges and a total of eight variants, the Mahindra Jeeto has been among major volume generators in the sub 1-ton commercial vehicle segment. And to keep the positioning of Jeeto as the most profitable Sub 1-Ton commercial vehicle, Mahindra has recently increased the standard warranty on all Jeeto Variants as well.

Jeeto Confidence through Increased Warranty

Continuing to offer better value to its customers Mahindra has further increased the standard warranty on the entire Mahindra Jeeto range. The earlier warranty on the Jeeto range of mini trucks used to a commendable 2 years/ 40000km. Now the customers looking forward to purchasing any variant from the Mahindra Jeeto range will get an improved standard warranty of 3 years/ 72000km. Add to it, they will also get the benefit of the vast network of Mahindra Commercial Vehicle dealerships across the country. This showcases the sheer faith Mahindra has in the Jeeto, its build quality and the overall engineering effort that has been put into this platform.

This increase in the warranty for the Mahindra Jeeto also serves well to the customer confidence since longer warranty means less stress of maintenance-related issues. This also serves well to the segment buyer’s confidence in the product, its ruggedness and reliability. On Mahindra’s part, it is a telling sign that the Jeeto will withstand all the gruelling duties that it will be put through. This, in most cases, should be enough to motivate current and prospective buyers about the built quality, overall performance and manufacturer support for the Mahindra Jeeto product range.

Jeeto with well received functionality

Apart from this increased warranty, aesthetics wise, the Mahindra Jeeto range continues to have a design that offers modern and contemporary styling. The tiny headlight assembly fits well with the overall width of the Jeeto that stands at 1485mm. The Mahindra's trademark grille with vertical slots sits in the middle serving as the bridge between the headlights (that have integrated turn indicators). Then there is that thin chrome strip that runs throughout the width to the front of the Jeeto, dividing the bumper and the rest of the body perfectly. The height remains the same for all variants at 1750mm and so as the seating that is designed for two.

As discussed earlier, the Mahindra Jeeto is available in three ranges, namely – Mahindra Jeeto S-Series, Mahindra Jeeto L-Series and the Mahindra Jeeto X-Series. These are mainly differentiated based on the cargo body lengths where the S-Series is the shortest and the X-Series is the longest of the trio. The cargo Body lengths for the S, L and X-Series are – 1630mm, 1740mm and 1930mm respectively. The width and the height of the cargo body remain the same for all variants at 1400mm and 290mm respectively.

With the difference in cargo body lengths, there is a subsequent difference in the overall length, wheelbase and payload capacities of the Jeeto ranges as well. The Mahindra Jeeto S-Series has an overall length of 3281mm and a wheelbase of 2250mm. The same statistics for the L and X-Series of Mahindra Jeeto are – 3431mm/ 2375mm and 3581mm/ 2500mm, respectively.

Jeeto with varied Payloads for your needs

Another factor that differentiates the three Mahindra Jeeto ranges is the payload capacity where the S-series has a payload of 600kg for both S6-11 and S6-16 variants. The payloads for four Mahindra Jeeto L-Series variants are - 600kg (L6-11), 700kg (L7-11), 600kg (L6-16) and 700kg (L7-16) respectively. The biggest of the Mahindra Jeeto variants are the X-Series X7-11 and X7-16 with payloads of 700kg each.

Jeeto with Long Lasting Performance

In terms of engine specifications, the Mahindra Jeeto is offered with a single-cylinder 625cc diesel engine units in two states of tunes. The lower specced engine has a maximum power output of 11bhp arriving at 3000rpm and a peak torque rating of 38Nm coming in the range of 1100-2000rpm. The more powerful state of tune offers 16bhp @3600rpm and 38Nm @1200-2000rpm. Both engines offer a 4-speed manual transmission matched to a single dry plate clutch while the steering assembly is the standard manual type with rack and pinion. Interestingly, all variants of the Mahindra Jeeto get disc brakes at the front and drum for the rear and the suspension setup is Mc Pherson strut for the front and semi-trailing arm for the rear.

Mahindra Jeeto – a masterclass in profitability

Furthermore, where the Mahindra Jeeto excels is in its ability to deal with the dense city traffic day-in-day-out. It is highly manoeuvrable with its tight turning radius while its compact dimensions mean finding a parking spot is a breeze.Add to it, the Mahindra Jeeto returns a brilliant fuel efficiency of a VRDe certified 33.4kmpl. As per Mahindra, the Jeeto platform offers 30% better profitability over its rivals. However, what scores the highest point is the new increased 3 years/ 72000km warranty as we discussed in detail above. All this point to the Mahindra Jeeto having a legitimate claim for being the best mini truck for intracity usage in the segment.

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