Mahindra gets into festive groove by delivering 400 SCVs in a single day

Mahindra gets into festive groove by delivering 400 SCVs in a single day

In what is coming as a breath of fresh air in this long running downturn in the Indian commercial vehicle market, Mahindra has just delivered as much as 400 small commercial vehicles in a single day. This feat was achieved by Mahindra and Mahindra Commercial Vehicles division in the Bihar and Jharkhand region. Comprising of these 400 units of Mahindra SCV’s were likes of the hugely popular Mahindra Alfa (in both, Passenger as well as Loading variants), the Mahindra Jeeto Loading range and the Mahindra Supro. This marks the imminent arrival of the festive season that is by far the most significant festive season in many many years. Furthermore, this is also the first time ever that the Chennai based automotive behemoth has delivered such a large number of units in a single day for its commercial vehicles business.

For Mahindra and Mahindra, a part of the USD 20.7 Billion Mahindra Group Bihar & Jharkhand has been one of the most significant states for commercial vehicle growth traditionally. Along with its passenger vehicle portfolio, these two states have also shown wide acceptance towards Mahindra range of SCV’s as well. Thus, no wonder Mahindra chose this region to target and achieve this rather significant landmark for its Commercial Vehicle business.

Speaking about this achievement, Satinder Singh Bajwa, Business Head- Small Commercial Vehicles, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “Mahindra and Mahindra are among the most significant players in the Indian SCV market. Thus, it becomes important for us to keep working towards creating new benchmarks.” He further added, “We are glad to achieve this feat when the whole industry is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the festive season. and what better time to do this than during the festive season. Our range of commercial vehicles have grown from strength to strength and we are humbled by the continuous trust reposed in us by our customers for over a decade. We are excited to be a part of the festive season in the states of Bihar & Jharkhand”.

That Mahindra would be the company to mark the beginning of sorts of the hugely significant 2019 festive season, serve as a good symbol of how the company has been working relentlessly to achieve leadership status in the segment. Over the years, Mahindra has managed to diversify its commercial vehicle portfolio offering a wide variety of products for almost every commercial requirement. The Small Commercial Vehicle segment has been of particular significance for the company’s growth in the market space. It is largely because Mahindra has put special efforts and concentrated resources in bringing updates and new model ranges into the segment. Where Mahindra has excelled has been in the company’s ability to concentrate and upgrade its products to improve customer benefits. 

For the upcoming festive season, Mahindra is expecting the consumer sentiments to return towards the positive spectrum, largely based on good overall monsoon rains. For the same they are expected to release festive season packages soon while they have already prepared themselves for deliveries to meet customer demand for all its small commercial vehicles.

As for the models that served as the backbone for Mahindra’s feat of 400 SCV’s delivered in a single day, they were the aforementioned Mahindra Alfa, Mahindra Jeeto and Mahindra Supro range of SCV’s. Here is a brief look into them.

Alfa Plus

Launched in 2011, Alfa Plus is Mahindra’s offering in the three-wheeler load carrying segment. Mahindra offers it with a claim of having features and build quality otherwise unseen amongst vehicles in the same category in India. To prove the claim true, the Alpha Plus by Mahindra does offer a longer wheelbase, an ergonomically designed comfortable and spacious cabin, an adequately powerful engine and a higher mileage as where the Mahindra Alf Plus excels is in offering a 20% increase in carriage of load volume in every trip, thereby increasing earnings.

Alfa Passenger

The passenger ferrying counterpart of the Alfa Plus Load carrier, the Mahindra Alfa Passenger is among the best three-wheeler in its class. With a strong build and modern design, it offers its passengers comfortable ride and spacious cabin along with in-built safety and stability features. It is also among the most frugal in terms of fuel consumption in the segment. Other significant attributes of the Mahindra Alfa Passenger include the likes of lowest maintenance in its category and great warranty offers by Mahindra. The Alfa passenger range is available in 3 variants – Alfa Dx, Alfa Champ and Alfa Comfy providing best in class performance and higher earnings.

Jeeto Load

One of the most successful vehicles in the segments, the Mahindra Jeeto offers a striking, instantly likable modern design with an attractive dashboard, stylish front grill and dual tone interiors. It also excels in the segment by offering incredible last mile distribution with its modular range, as it offers multiple options to choose from - 2 powertrains of 8.2 kW (11 HP) and 11.9 Kw (16 HP), 2 payloads of 600 and 700 kgs and 3 deck lengths of 1630mm (5.5ft), 1780mm (6ft) and 1930 mm (6.5ft). These combinations are available across a range of 8 mini-trucks, namely S series (S6-11, S6-16), L series (L6-11, L6-16, L7-11, L7-16) and X series (X7-11, X7-16). This makes the Mahindra Jeeto to offer a good overall package that offers good versatility along with rather good fuel efficiency to haul goods across different segments. 


The Mahindra Supro Platform offers a bigger platform as compared to the Jeeto range. It was conceptualized to utilize a number of engine & fuel options even including an electric powertrain in the form of the eSupro. It also offers multiple body forms with modern styling touches, safety and technology features. Mahindra promises that with the Supro platform, its customers get a superior value proposition by providing comparatively better power, mileage, comfort, convenience, style and superior safety. Good thing is, all this thorough planning means that Mahindra is capable to offer the Supro platform is a rather impressive total of 11 offerings, making it the widest range of passenger & cargo vehicles that are powered either petrol or diesel and even by an electric drive.

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