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Mahindra Blazo X28 and X35 Tipper: Detail Review

Published On Mar 30, 2020By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

The company offers robust heavy tippers for a wide range of construction and mining applications

Tipper finds application in deep and light mining and surface transport such as coal, ores and construction. These applications are highly demanding, arduous and operate in extremely difficult duty-cycles. Therefore, tippers essentially well-build with superior aggregates to perform in such challenging conditions.  

The core elements the customer looks in a tipper are comfortable cabin, high power engine, superior aggregates such as gearbox, suspension, axles and clutch. What is also essential in the tipper application is vehicle gradeability, considering the vehicles used in severe operating conditions.

Mahindra, the challenger brand in the heavy-duty segment in India has a reliable Blazo range of trucks to take on formidable rivals. The Blazo range covers every critical segment of the heavy-duty market including haulage, tractor-trailer and tipper. The Blazo X range of tippers is setting industry standards in performance and productivity. The Blazo tippers are suitable for all kinds of applications the mass-market surface, construction and the mining of any kind.

The Blazo X tippers are designed and developed, keeping in mind the customer with fundamental characteristics of superior fuel efficiency, incredible reliability and highest service interval, thus ensuring the tipper stays on the field doing onerous duties. 

The Blazo has two impressive heavy-duty tippers on offers in the 28 and 38T categories fit for every demanding need. We take a dipper look into both the tipper and what makes them best.

Blazo X28

The 28T GVW tipper is targeted at construction and coal applications with a promise of excellence.

mileage. What makes this tipper among the prominent product in the segment is the guarantee on fuel economy. Along with superior aggregates keeping in mind the severe operating conditions, Mahindra’s in-house 7.2-litre engine is at the heart of this tipper with relatively high torque. The engines come with multiple switches; the tipper also gets a real-time driver information system and comfortable cabin for higher productivity. The key aggregates are 9 speed Eaton gearbox, superior quality suspension, axle and brakes specifically developed for tipper applications.


The Blazo X28 comes with four different variants to cater to a wide range of uses.

Blazo X 28 Tipper 9S

Blazo X 28 Tipper 6S

Blazo X 28 Transit Mixer

Blazo X 28 Boom Pump

Blazo X35

This 35T GVW tipper is ideal for construction and coal applications with higher volumes capacities without compromise of mileage, power and performance. Like its X28 sibling, the X35 also comes with guaranteed fuel economy promise and higher quality aggregates including the company’s in-house 7.2 litre engine with high torque; this engine comes with multiple switches, real-time driver information system and comfortable cabin for higher productivity. The X35 gets superior payload capacities for applications where the volumes are vast and turnaround time is critical for the projects.


The Blazo X35 also has four different variants:

Blazo X 35 8x4 Tipper

Blazo X 35 8x2 Haulage Tipper

Blazo X 35 Transit Mixer

Blazo X 35 Lift Axle

BS6 Powertrain

M&M has revealed its BS6 heavy-duty mPOWER and MDI Tech engines with fuel smart technology and robust aggregates, retaining over 90% of the parts of the erstwhile BS4 vehicles. The Blazo range of heavy-duty range including the tipper X28 and X35 will get this engine, thus making a seamless transition to BS6 emission.

To meet BSVI norms, Mahindra Truck and Bus have used CRDe engines with the incorporation of world-class technologies such SCR, DOC, DPF and EGR, so that the BS6 vehicles are most modern in Indian commercial vehicle industry.

To ease for customer MTB has introduced the revolutionary Mahindra iMAXX telematics technology in the entire BS6 range. This is an intelligent fleet telematics solution enabled with IOT, AI & Machine Learning capabilities that can maximize returns for our customers.

All Mahindra heavy trucks come with the company’s promises:

  • Get more mileage or give the truck back
  • Truck back on road in 48 hours or Rs 1000 per day
  • 36 hours guaranteed turnaround at the workshop or Rs 3000 per day
  • 2-hours service
  • 250 critical spares at the company’s dealerships
  • Guaranteed availability of 150 fast-moving maintenance parts at Mparts plaza

This is Mahindra’s commitment to the customers to enable them to run their critical operational uninterrupted with maximum productivity from each truck.


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