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Mahindra Blazo Trucks: There's more than what meets the eye!

Published On Mar 21, 2017By Mukul Yudhveer Singh

It has been a year since Blazo trucks were first launched in the country. Seen as the most coveted truck launch event of 2016, Mahindra Blazo trucks, was indeed one of the most awaited truck launches in India.

A year and three months later, the mileage guarantee offered by Mahindra with Blazo trucks, has still managed to remain the talk of the town. The event that took place during January 2016 not only surprised the CV makers but had also left automobile enthusiasts astounded.

Even Ajay Devgun has praised the Mahindra Blazo range of trucks. You can watch him speak about the same here.

Here a brief of our experience of the Mahindra Blazo Trucks.

The First Impression: A note from the January 2016 Diary

This was the first time in the history of India that a truck maker had offered a complete range of trucks with a mileage guarantee. Though the guarantee stole most of the limelight, Blazo Trucks were definitely more than that.

Curtains lifted, a few minutes of gazing, and it was clear that designers at M&M had put in those extra hours to make sure the trucks standing in front of us looked way more practical yet beautiful than what anybody would have imagined. Green, white and yellow were the colours the trucks were draped in and it was really difficult to assess the colour that suited the Blazo series best.

Moving forward one side at a time, the experience started getting better. It appeared as if Mahindra had taken truck designing too seriously and was looking to create something as big as the Scorpio SUV, but in the commercial vehicle category.

The trucks were not just crafted as cargo transporting machines, but as integral part of India's life. Mahindra signature front grill, like the ones integrated in Bolero, XUV and Scorpio was what took our breath away!

Interiors – One of the best!

We wanted to explore the Blazo's cabin as well. The opportunity came and we got invited to 'take a look inside' the trucks.

The cabin, apart from its size, was definitely one of the best in the country. The design was more inclined towards the interiors of pickup trucks available in India.

An incorporated stereo, mobile charger, adjustable steering acted as the starters of a seven course meal pack. The beige coloured dashboard had to be the dessert off course. The seats draped in greyish fabric were as comfortable as the ones provided in cars.

All in all, we knew Mahindra wanted to raise the standards of trucking in India, and in our view they were technically successful in accomplishing that.

Load Capacity - Can take on any other truck range in India

Mahindra Blazo trucks are available in a starting Gross Vehicle Weight of 25000 kg (25 Tonne), the GVW goes up till a mighty 49000 kg (49 Tonne). These trucks, in terms of load carrying abilities, can take on any of the trucks presently available in India.

Available in different models including tippers and trailers, Mahindra has made sure about offering the Blazo family for use in versatile applications. The built looks solid and tailored to last. We could not find any shortcomings in the Blazo trucks.

On a short note, Blazo trucks can be used of transporting anything ranging from vegetables, fruits, cars and can easily be used in the construction and mining sector as well.

Engine – The evergreen trust of CRDe technology

Different versions of Mahindra Blazo family come powered by different engine specifications. The power and torque these generate is tuned to offer maximum figures required to meet the challenges faced during the long as well as short cargo hauling sessions.

However, what remains constant in all Blazo trucks is theCRDe technology. The same technology that is used to power most other Mahindra personal, as well as commercial vehicles.

P.S. - Mahindra Bolero pickup and Mahindra Scorpio are two of the most selling vehicles in India. These two have had versions powered by the same CRDe technology.

Meeting Blazo trucks for the first time back in January 2016 was indeed an experience to remember. However, we were not sure the trucks would inspire us so much that we would end up doing a series of articles centred on them in the first quarter of 2017.

The only way you can truly assess their beauty and excellent work abilities is by visiting a Mahindra Blazo dealer.

Disclaimer - Content that we are sponsored to produce may not reflect the positions of TrucksDekho. Our opinions remain unbiased and objective.

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