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Live Updates: Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing

Published On Mar 17, 2017By Mukul Yudhveer Singh

NOTE - Like Normal Sports Commentary, the Below Mentioned Live Blog is Best Read Upwards. (Start from the last part)

It was indeed an action packed day. The kind of recognition that Tata Motors has given to the Indian trucking and drivers is really commendable!

We have already started looking forward for the season 5 of Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship.

David Vrsecky wins the second Pro Class Race!!! Norbert Kiss from Tata Technologies finishes second.

18:11 - Final lap, David Vrsecky leading...It's a sure shot win for him!

That was a tight corner! Race just saved from being called off again. Truck number 11 and 14 had a close shave.

17:54 - David Vrsecky in truck number 19 is leading the Pro Class Truck Race. He is racing like a man on a mission, mission to win the Pro Class Truck Race Championship!.

17:45 - Last Pro Class Race has begun!


Dr Jitendra Singh, MoS for PMO has arrived and is addressing the crowd.

17:15 - Nagarjunaa A has won again! Champion Class Race Over....He had also won the Super Class Race 2 last year. A driver with four years of experience with Prima Racing.

Last lap to go!

17:12 - Nagarjuna A still in the lead, 3 laps to go. He seems to have taken a clear lead. There's no stopping this guy!

17:03 - Nagarjuna A in truck number 7 is leading! 8 laps to go.

Meanwhile here are some photos of the 1040 bhp Tata Truck Racing on the track!!!

16:55 - The Super Class Race is starting!


16:27 - Akshay Kumar has taken the center stage and is entertaining the crowd.

16:20 - David Vrsecky finished on the pole position!

16:03 - Pro Class Race called Off due to crash on turn 3!

Crash on turn 3, Yellow Flag...wait...Red Flag it is!

15:54 - The Pro Class race has started! David Vrsecky is in lead at the moment...

15:34 - Pro Class Race (International) is starting now. Akshay Kumar will flag off the race!

15:16 - Akshay Kumar is addressing the crowd right now! It's enigmatic here at the BIC.

The spectator stand is going all crazy at the moment. Everyone wants to have a look at the Khiladi Kumar.

15:03 - Akshay Kumar is in the house. Pro Class Race to start soon.


14:59 - And the winner for Super Class Race is Pitamber!

Pitamber is maintaining a clear lead. He looks determined to win the race. The truck racing skills shown by this Indian truck driver are indeed super.

14:43 - Super Class (Race 1) is on. Pitambar in truck number 7 leads right now. 8 more laps to go. Stay tuned!

01:58 PM - Gear up! The race is about to start in 5 minutes.

12:58 PM - Drivers just raced by the track! Probably warming up!


This silent race track at BIC will soon echo with Prima Trucks racing for glory!

12:55 PM - First race to start at 1.45 PM. It would be a 10 laps Super Class Race (Indian Drivers).

12.28 PM - Cheer leaders are over with the final rehearsal rounds and have moved towards the Pit Stop area! The race is on guys!!!



Ryan Smith (UK)

Stephanie Halm (Germany)


David Jenkins (UK) – Defending Champion

Simon Reid (UK)


Antonio Albacete (Spain)

David Vrsecky (Czech Republic)


Gerd Körber (Germany)

Oliver Janes (UK)


Norbert Kiss (Hungary)

Adam Bint (UK)


Shane Brereton (UK)

Thomas Robineau (France)

Drivers competing in the Super Class

- Gurujant Singh (UP), Age 33

- Mahendar Pratap (UP) Age 27

- Mubarik (Rajasthan), Age 25

- Dharmindar Singh, (Punjab) Age 25

- Pitambar (UP),Age 29

- Mohabat Singh (Rajasthan), Age 26

- Himanshu Kumar (Bihar), Age 27

- Shivnihal Singh (UP), Age 40

- Vikramjit Singh (Punjab), Age 27

Drivers Competing in the Champion Class,

- MD. Parvez (Bihar), Age 36

- Rabinder Yadav, (Bihar),Age 33

- Malkeet Singh,(UP) Age 34

- Jagat Singh, (Haryana), Age 32

- Bikash Mahato, (Jharkhand), Age 28

- Nagarjuna A (AP), Age 29

- Shankar Singh(Jharkhand), Age 44

- Bhag Chand (Rajasthan), Age 32

- Gobind Singh (Punjab), Age 36

- Raju Lal Gurjar (Rajasthan), Age 37

11.55 AM: We are moments away from the Tata Prima Truck Race. Here is a line up of all the teams participating in the event today!

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