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Increased Axle Load – How TATA Motors is empowering the Indian Customer

Modified On Aug 27, 2021 10:19 AMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Increased Axle Load – How TATA Motors is empowering the Indian Customer

With its upgraded range of Medium & Heavy commercial vehicles, TATA Motors is ready to facilitate the Indian Customers with highest levels of business profitability, vehicle performance, loading capacity and lowest total cost of ownership.

In the era of “Big Trucking,” trucks as a product need to become a customer’s asset, enabling him to carry more load than ever before. Whether it is the petroleum industry or the packed LPG segment, the vehicles are supposed to qualify for increased capacities and hence, ensure maximum revenue to the customer. In the present scenario when BSVI regime is less than a year away, Increased Axle Load is a welcome step from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, further promoting India’s booming infrastructure and transportation sector.

What does it mean for a fleet owner?

Increased Axle Load (IAL), a new norm in the commercial vehicle industry, enables the transporter to carry much more load legally with the same number of axles, improving business profitability and reducing total cost of ownership. For instance, a three-axle truck that could carry 16 tonnes of cargo, would now be able to carry 19 tonnes with the new IAL configuration , fixing the dangerous overloaded driving conditions and establishing higher levels of safety for the Indian driver.

The market leader in the M&HCV segment, Tata Motors, is the first OEM to launch ARAI certified 49T and 47.5T GVW 16 wheeler rigid trucks under the new increased axle load range. This pioneering step from TATA Motors will support the customers to achieve highest levels of business profitability especially in segments like Coal, Cement, Minerals, Flyash and Tankers, helping them to get more out of their fleet and take higher margins home. TATA motors has always been committed towards the Indian driver and fleet owner, and this time with its new IAL offerings, it empowers the drivers to “Load Kar, Befikar.”

TATA Motors allows you to – Load Kar, Befikar

The new TATA vehicles will not only accommodate more load, they will also have more powerful engines and will be sturdier than ever before. With an updated scope of vehicles, ranging from 18.5-55 tonnes post IAL which initially ranged from 16-49 Tonne pre IAL, TATA assures improved overall performance, reduction in the cost of transportation per tonne which, in turn, increases the overall profit. An entire fleet of trucks would now be able to carry a greater quantity of cargo making transportation and distribution more efficient.

TATA promises an upgrade of eight MHCV trucks which will bring multiple benefits to the consumer including increase in bulk liquid tanker capacity, increase in engine peak power and torque, more powerful gearbox, sturdier and higher capacity tandem axle, higher payload capacity and enhanced braking and suspension to enable more loads. Along with these, Engine Braking, Trip Mileage Indicator, Gear Shift Advisor and Tilt & Telescopic Steering are the new feature offerings that TATA will offer to the transporters and drivers for a more efficient and comfortable transport experience.

The range of vehicles that will be offered under the post IAL scheme by TATA Motors include TATA LPT 1913, LPT 1918 TC Cre, LPT 1918 5L Turbotronn, LPT 3518 TC, LPT 2818 TC, LPT/SIGNA 4223 TC, SIGNA 4623.S, and SIGNA 5523.S. An upgrade to these vehicle will not only ensure you higher returns but will also provide you with greater safety. Increased axle load is the way forward for a more efficient and powerful goods transportation system. With TATA motors new offerings, you too can upgrade yourself towards a superior future. Go TATA, Go IAL!

Please follow the link to know more - https://tatatrucks.tatamotors.com/ial-campaign/

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