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Explore The Advantages Of Upgrading To A Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 Three-Wheeler

Modified On Apr 09, 2024 01:51 PMBy Dheeraj Nair

If you are a fleet owner or transport business planning on upgrading your fleet with an electric three-wheeled passenger carrier, the Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 is worth considering. Here's why

Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 is an advanced electric three-wheeler with onboard charger

The passenger mobility businesses established in urban and semi-urban areas are looking for efficient ways to improve fleet performance and logistical profitability. Hence, businesses which were predominantly leaning towards diesel three-wheelers, are now seeking electric three-wheelers from brands such as Bajaj to improve fleet performance. 

Bajaj is one of the pioneers in the Indian passenger transport realm known for offering top-class three-wheelers capable of improving the turnaround times of businesses. Featuring tested and proven powertrains, the three-wheelers from Bajaj are popular for their reliability. Now, the brand is also gaining popularity for its electric three-wheeler – the RE E-TEC 9.0.

What makes the RE E-TEC 9.0 a popular electric three-wheeler? The RE E-TEC 9.0 comes equipped with performance enablers and robust powertrain aggregates ideal for enhancing fleet performance. Moreover, there are several highlights which make upgrading to a Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 three-wheeler ideal for business growth. Let’s check them out. Read on:

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Advantages Of Upgrading To Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 

 Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 can offer 178 km per charge driving range


The Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 is powered by an 8.9 kWh battery capacity Li-ion (Lithium-ion) – LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) capable of producing 6 hp of power and 36 Nm of torque. This electric motor is mated to a 2-speed automatic transmission. 

Thanks to this electric powertrain configuration, the vehicle is capable of offering approximately 29 percent gradeability, 178 km per charge driving range and can clock around 45 kmph speed.

The Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 three-wheeler comes with sufficient space to seat three occupants

Adequate Space

The Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 three-wheeler comes with sufficient space to seat three occupants comfortably along with adequate luggage space. Hence, Bajaj asserts that the RE E-TEC 9.0 is suitable for last-mile mobility operations that require a spacious three-wheeler to improve passenger comfort and profitability that comes from it. 

Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 electric rickshaw comes with bigger battery pack for long range operations

Onboard Aggregates

The RE E-TEC 9.0 is equipped with an on-board charger which eliminates the need to find external charging stations, providing more flexibility to charge the vehicle wherever there is access to a power outlet. Additionally, operators can charge the vehicle during downtime, ensuring that the vehicle is ready to use when needed, thus minimising operational disruptions.

The Bajaj electric rickshaw comes with several performance enablers

Diver Performance Enablers

The Bajaj electric rickshaw comes with several performance enablers aimed at improving vehicular and driver performance. This includes the integration of features such as hill hold assist that helps prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards or forward when starting from a stop on a hill and regenerative braking – a technology used in electric vehicles to capture and convert some of the vehicle's kinetic energy into electrical energy. 

The Bajaj three-wheeler sets high safety standards in the three-wheeler industry.


The Bajaj three-wheeler sets high safety standards in the three-wheeler industry. The vehicle is constructed on a strong chassis capable of withstanding the stress of driving on rough roads and in tough environmental conditions. Further, the vehicle is outfitted with 120 mm wide radial tubeless tyres with a 12-inch wheel rim for higher ground clearance and stability. 

What We Think?

Given its robust electric powertrain, durable aggregates, tough body construction and multiple performance enablers, the RE E-TEC 9.0 electric three-wheeler from Bajaj is a strategic investment for businesses seeking an efficient electric three-wheeler for enhancing fleet performance and profitability. 

The electric three-wheeler, with its 60-month / 120,000 km warranty period, is an ideal long-term solution for businesses looking for an electric vehicle. Bajaj asserts that operators can use it with complete peace of mind.

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