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Eicher’s top 5 light-duty CNG trucks

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One of the key truck makers in the industry, Eicher offers a wide range of light-duty CNG trucks in the 5.5T-11.5T GVW categories, promising superior mileage and higher payloads for all types of cargo/logistics/transport deliveries that you can buy right now.


Eicher Trucks is India’s prominent truck maker with an extensive range of modern, technology-laden trucks in the light, medium and heavy-duty segments. Eicher leads the popular, high volume light-duty truck markets backed by its strong portfolio of diesel and CNG range of trucks. What makes Eicher a formidable player is vast variety of trucks that are available for the customers to choose from the different tonnage, cargo body types and lengths. 

Along with the diesel-powered trucks, Eicher also has Industry’s widest CNG truck range in the light-duty segment that fulfil the growing needs of the customers looking for diesel alternative trucks for their fleet. 

With the soaring diesel prices- which have risen over 50 per cent in the last one year-thus, a clear shift has emerged in the market in favour of CNG trucks. As fuel prices are over 50% of the operational cost of a fleet, the cost of CNG is significantly lower than diesel, which is helping to save a lot operational cost. 

To address the growing customer demand for CNG trucks Eicher has several trucks in the 5-11T gross weight truck that offer an alternative to diesel with a reliable and proven performance record as part of its Pro 2000 series of BS6 trucks. Eicher CNG trucks offer you the same performance attributes by saving on the overall cost.  If you’re out in the market for a light-duty CNG truck, then we bring you the top 5 options in the key tonnage categories that you could buy right now.  

Pro 2095XP CNG

The Pro 2095 XP CNG priced in the range of ₹ 15.96 - ₹ 17.90 lakh is a 11.5T gross weight truck for short to medium distance cargo shipment. It gets the familiar E484 proven engine that produces the best in the industry 95hp and 115hp of power. Eicher ensures you high mileage to save for greater profit, comfortable cabin and packed with key latest technologies to make your fleet sharper. 

Pro 2075 CNG

In the popular 7.5T gross weight category you have got the Pro 2075 CNG available in the price range of ₹ 14.85 - ₹ 16.03 lakh, is equipped with the E483 engine that helps you carry higher payload without compromising on the mileage and also over the long period cost you far lower in maintenance. 

Pro 2059XP CNG

Another equally promising light truck is the Pro 2059XP CNG ₹ 14.34 - ₹ 15.18lLakh 7.4T gross weight. This truck is touted as the green-urban/city cargo carrier that is embedded with key performance features like higher power, best driver comfort and convenience along high payload capacities. The truck gets the proven engine and aggregates that make sure the truck never fails to perform no matter where you’re driving and what type of cargo is delivered.

Pro 2059 CNG

In the 7T gross weight category, you get the Pro 2059 CNG starting from ₹ 12.92 lakh that is suitable for all city cargo/logistics deliveries. The truck comes with a comfortable factory-fitted cabin to ensure the driver gets maximum comfort and convenience for daylong trips. The Pro 2059 CNG also get a higher power engine to ensure you keep your logistics delivered on time. Also, the compact design of the truck makes navigating through congested city traffic and narrow lanes is effortless. 

Pro 2050 CNG

The smaller size CNG truck in Eicher’s portfolio is the Pro 2050 CNGthat comes in the 5.5T gross weight category, and this tiny truck starts at an aggressive price of ₹ 12.71 lakh. This light CNG truck combines superbly the mileage, comfort and convenience, high payload together to strengthen your fleet. The compact design of the Pro 2050 makes sure loading and unloading are quick at logistics hubs. What also helps is the short turning radius and higher gradeability of this truck in a faster turnaround than save you vital time and money by efficiently running the operations. Eicher says the Pro 2050 CNG is a truck that brings together superior overall performance, helps you earn high profit every single trip and thus accelerate the transport business. 

Like the rest of the Eicher Pro 2000 series, all the light CNG trucks are offered with Eicher factory-fitted, modern cabin along with several wheelbases, cargo body options. You can choose the right configuration as per the need of your fleet or the applications the truck is deployed. All the prices are ex-showroom which differ between different cities and states. So head to the nearest Eicher outlets to check the CNG truck that best suits your business, alternatively you can research them on TrucksDekho and locate the dealers in your city or town.

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  • Eicher Pro 2050 CNG
    Eicher Pro 2050 CNG
    From ₹14.60 Lakh*
    • Power 95 hp
    • GVW 5490
    • Mileage 10
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 180
    • Payload 2462/2741
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2059 CNG
    Eicher Pro 2059 CNG
    ₹15.57 - ₹17.42 Lakh*
    • Power 95 hp
    • GVW 6950
    • Mileage 10
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 270
    • Fuel Type CNG
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG
    Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG
    ₹17.59 - ₹18.83 Lakh*
    • Power 95 hp
    • GVW 7490
    • Mileage 10
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 250/320
    • Fuel Type CNG
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2075 CNG
    Eicher Pro 2075 CNG
    ₹17.94 - ₹19.50 Lakh*
    • Power 95 hp
    • GVW 7490
    • Mileage 9
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 320
    • Fuel Type CNG
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2095XP Plus CNG
    Eicher Pro 2095XP Plus CNG
    ₹21.80 - ₹24.70 Lakh*
    • Power 115 hp
    • GVW 11449
    • Mileage 7.5
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 430/520
    • Payload 7071
    View All Offers

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