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Eicher Pro 6035T: Product Review

Modified On Sep 13, 2021 02:50 PMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

To offer a reliable & proven tipper in the vital 35T GVW segment, Eicher brings the Pro 6035T, a mighty 12-tyre tipper that is powerful, well-built, packed with modern technologies and easy to drive. Can it be the ultimate best in the segment? We drive it to find out.

When you think of a 12-tyre tipper, what comes to your mind? Well, unlike the typical haulage truck, you don’t find them much on-road as they mostly operate on a complex construction or infrastructure project, and they’re obviously massive in size. Today, tippers are one of the major categories within the overall truck market that have emerged as highly critical for customers and OEMs. The thrust on building ambitious infrastructure projects to stimulate the economic potential of India has fueled demand for heavy-duty tippers. 

Like the rest of the truck market, the tipper category is highly competitive as all the leading OEMs in India offer some of the most compelling tippers to the demanding customer needs. Eicher, the leading LMD players in the Indian domestic truck market, has been expanding its medium and heavy truck range in high volume segments, one such segment is the heavy-duty tippers. The company has a strong portfolio of tippers that caters to the mass as well as premium markets, recently, it bought the promising Pro 6035T, a 12-tyre multi-axle tipper taking on some of the highly popular tippers in the category. We get an opportunity to drive this tipper to explore in and out. 

Mammoth Tipper 

Take a glance at Pro 6035T, it appears huge, look from any profile, the tipper strikes you with its finest built quality. What catches your attention is the familiar Pro series cabin-which is modern and safe, the strong & rugged 20 CuM tipping body, tough chassis frame and 20-inch tyre, everything is extremely robust, understandably so, to carry out enormous tasks. Going around this massive tipper gives you the true breadth of the size, capacity and unenviable user profile. The Pro 6035T is indeed a tipper that is made for some serious applications.  

While the tipper is massive, the exterior of the tipper looks stylish and quite modern giving it a premium profile along with the key design elements that Eicher trucks are known for. The distinct appearance with the strong bumper with attractive headlights lights, the Eicher logo and detailed finer design portions of the cabin makes the Pro 6035T stand out among its peers. Eicher clearly scores high when it comes to truck design, making them not only premium and attractive but modern and global. 

What’s it like on the inside? 

We know tippers operate at extremely demanding operating and severe weather conditions making round the clock trips at critical sites, thus a comfortable cabin is more than a need. The moment you get inside the cabin and spending a brief time, you’re undoubtedly convinced the Pro 6035T make the driver's life easy. The first thing you notice is the space that is offered for a driver and a co-passenger. Look around, and you find the cab quite functional, the height of the tipper is high, yet it is easy to get in and out. To make the driver feel comfortable, the daytime cabin comes with factory-fitted HVAC that means full protection from extreme weather conditions with powerful air-conditioning. 

Take the driver seat, and you’re top of the world- means you sit a lot high, which gives a clear view of the road, thus manoeuvring the tipper is easier with a 360-degree view around, helped by large mirrors, either side. Then the steering wheel is quite easy to operate, the centre console gets a digital display with futuristic diagnostic systems that indicate all important elements of the truck, the analogue speedo and tachometer, fuel capacity indicator, on the right side you find M-Booster + with different driving modes. Towards the left the AC control along with a provision for a music system and adequate storage space. 

Even after spending quite a lot of time inside, the cabin ambience keeps you fresh with enough ventilation, even in prickly humid weather outside, there isn’t a sign of fatigue. Moreover, the suspended driver & co-passenger seats are comfy, well-cushioned and offer higher comfort. As The Pro 6035T also is deployed in carrying the bulk of the aggregates across long distances, thus comfortable driving is key, here the Eicher cruise control help takes over the tipper when there isn’t any driver intervention needed, giving a much-needed break to the driver, thus pushing up the productivity levels.  

Is the tipper easy to drive & handle?

The answer is overwhelming, yes, and the simple reason is given the size, the gross weight and the humongous tipping body, the Pro 6035T is effortless to handle. Our 10 km long drive-which was partly on a service road and partly on the highway-felt quite comfortable. This is true even on a empty stretch of road where we took the tipper for a task. The enormous power to cruise, and torque kicks in quickly, no question of any lack of power. At the heart of this is Eicher's proven VEDX8, BS6 engine, and it is capable of producing maximum 260hp of power at a peak torque of 1000 Nm. The all-new EUTECH6 technology-laden tipper with the stringent BS6 norms is one of Eicher key strengths among its peers. 

The take-off in the second gear is rather quick, you don’t feel the efforts that the engine puts to kick off from the ground, and given the higher wheelbase, you don’t have to worry about the surface, it takes everything in its stride. Despite such a massive size, moving the tipper wasn’t that difficult after all, the steering wheel felt simply effortless, and the 9-speed gearbox was surprisingly a lot easier to either shifting up or down. This simply suggests that Eicher has been able to tune the engine and gearbox perfectly for a complete user experience, and much to the driver's comfort. 

What makes the ride quality even smoother of the Pro 6035T is the perfect suspension-parabolic at the front and bogie type at the rear as they’re tuned well no matter on what surface the tipper is cruising or carrying full loads of aggregates. The s-cam dual line with ABS inspires confidence with easy control at any point. Furthermore, the forged I-beam reverse Elliot type axle with stabilizer bar at the front and Eicher’s 440DH single reduction tandem fully floating banjo type at the ear make the tipper efficient to drive and hihgly durable. Undoubtedly, the Pro 6035T impresses positively in the overall ride, handling, refinement areas.  

Distinct Technologies

Today’s fleet operators are highly informed and extremely demanding when it comes to the heavy-duty tipper, they emphasise more on the total-cost-of-ownership and not only the acquisition cost. Thus, for him, any extra fuel-efficiency, driver comfort & safety and productivity gains are exceptionally important. 

In a quest to modernise the Indian trucking industry, Eicher has taken a lead in the industry in offering the most relevant technologies. The goal is to offer superior productivity, greater turn-around time, ease of driving and higher mileage. The Pro 6035T is fitted with Eicher Live telematics solutions to keep the track of the tipper’s performance. Then the Fuel Coaching-to guide the driver in achieving higher mileage at any given time, Cruise Control-for lesser fatigue. M-Booster+ offers different driving modes suitable for the load and terrain. All these key technologies together enhance the performance of this tipper several notches above, addressing foremost customer requirements.

Then the other key aspect that determines the performance of this tipper is the 39% of high gradeability for steep terrain. The 315 ltr diesel-fuel tank and 50L DPF tank are essential parts of the tipper along with 11x20 size tyres, and you can choose between nylon, mining or radial type that suits your applications.

Capable & Stellar Tipper

Evidently, the Pro 6035T is up against fierce rivals in the category, yet, after spending a day with this tipper, it is visible that the tipper impresses you on several key aspects. Firstly, the tipper has got a perfect cabin, a modern appearance, the performance is ensured by a stronger powertrain & aggregates that certainly inspire confidence to take on any task. It is undisputed though, Eicher, with its technological prowess, deeper understanding of the Indian market and thorough analysis of customers needs & expectations, has done a great job with this tipper that  helps you take on even tougher operational requirements, run an efficient fleet and accelerate your business. You can deploy the Pro 6035T for key applications such as moving construction aggregates, coal, limestone, earthwork, flyash, iron-ore among others. 

If you’re looking for a tipper that offers stronger performance, equipped with new technologies, promise reliability, easy to drive and score high in total-cost-of-ownership, then the Eicher Pro 6035T is definitely the best option out in this highly competitive market segment that you shouldn’t be missing out. 

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  • Eicher Pro 6035T
    Eicher Pro 6035T
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    • Power 260 hp
    • GVW 35000
    • Mileage 2.5-3.5
    • Engine 7698
    • Fuel Tank 315
    • Fuel Type Diesel
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