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Eicher light and medium-duty CNG portfolio revealed

Published On Sep 22, 2020By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

One of the Industry's widest CNG portfolio in the light and medium-duty segments, Eicher bets big on alternate fuel with an extensive 7-CNG truck range catering to the 5-16T GVW categories. Typically, CNG trucks are economical to operate and also environmentally friendly. We reveal everything about the trucks! 

A decade or more ago, CNG as fuel wasn't that prevalent for the automobile in India. This has started to change after the national capital region shifted to CNG due to court diktat to reduce the catastrophic pollution levels. This has further prompted the CNG usage across India, as more states and cities embrace CNG as fuel to strike the rising pollution.

In 2020, CNG as a fuel has become fairly common across India; over these many years, the necessary infrastructure has expanded rapidly, and technological progress has helped further. Indian automakers and commercial vehicle players, in particular, have scaled-up quickly by developing capabilities to offer CNG power trucks and buses. Today, every truck maker in India has some CNG powertrain products, especially in light and medium-duty trucks. LMD trucks largely operate in short to medium distance trips with limited operational areas with rated payloads, unlike the long-distance truck heavy trucks. Thus, CNG as a fuel is more suitable for LMD trucks.

Eicher Trucks have become synonymous with the Indian LMD truck segment as the company has emerged as a leader with its comprehensive truck portfolio. Eicher trucks have earned customer trust by a proven track record of performance, durability and the key USP has been the higher fuel efficiency of its trucks. 

CNG Strategy

As the company has embarked on a new journey of transforming the Indian transport sector with an all-new EUTECH6 truck range, Eicher has introduced a completely modern and contemporary truck portfolio. And to cement its position in the LMD segment apart from broad diesel trucks, the company has developed a wide range of CNG trucks. This aims to offer choices to its customers in alternate powertrain so that he continues to remain with the brand rather than looking for a rival. Hence, today, Eicher has one of the widest CNG trucks in the Indian CV industry, perhaps second to the market leader Tata Motors

The CNG portfolio comprises as many as seven different trucks starting from 5T to 16T gross weight categories, essentially covering the entire spectrum of LMD trucks. The CNG trucks start from Pro 2050 CNG, Pro 2059 CNG, Pro 2059XP CNG, Pro 2075 CNG, Pro 2095XP CNG, Pro 2110XP PLUS CNG, Pro 2114XP CNG. 

Like their diesel counterparts, the CNG trucks from Eicher promise the same key characteristics of performance, reliability, dependability, profitability, and are also pocket-friendly to maintain. All of the key elements enable the truck owner to run an efficient fleet and earn superior revenues. 

Let's look at each of the trucks in little detail to help you understand them better. 

Pro 2050 CNG 

The Pro 2050 CNG is the entry-level light-duty truck suitable for urban logistics needs. This is a 5490 kg GVW truck with a 10ft cargo body with a bigger cargo deck and higher rated payload to ensure more revenue per trip. The Pro 2050 CNG gets the E483 engine capable of churning out 95hp of power at a peak torque of 245Nm and tuned to a 5-speed gearbox with a hybrid gear shift lever. 

It comes with 30% of gradeability and the ground clearance of 190 mm to greater pickup at steep terrain in ghats or flyovers. 

Pro 2059 CNG

Almost identical to the Pro 2050 CNG truck with a little higher gross weight, the Pro 2059 CNG is a 6950 kg GVW truck for an expansive range of urban transportation needs and take on any terrain and cargo. It can carry higher payload effortlessly, ensuring the truck owner earns reasonable revenues with lower maintenance costs. 

Moreover, the truck can easily maneuver through congested city roads or narrow lanes for some special applications. At the heart of the truck, performance is the same E483 CNG engine tuned to higher payload applications. Its power figure is 95hp of power at a peak torque of 245Nm and tuned to a 5-speed gearbox with a hybrid gear shift lever.  

Pro 2059XP CNG 

The Pro 2059 XP CNG is a 7490 kg GVW cargo truck shares the same powertrain of its sibling with the E483 engine in the higher bracket cargo category. Like the other trucks in the category, the Pro 2059XP offers key characteristics including greater fuel mileage, a comfortable cabin for fatigue-free driving, better uptime, bigger cargo loading capabilities, and help the owner earn greater revenue. 

Pro 2059 XP CNG comes with 3770 mm of wheelbase with two cargo body lengths of 4325 mm and 4941 mm and internal cargo body width of 2002 mm, and it is available in cabin and chassis and high side deck body options. 

Pro 2075 CNG

The Pro 2075 CNG is a 7490 kg GVW truck for medium-duty cargo needs. Again, don't be surprised with the engine-which is basically the same, which you will find in the earlier models; yes, the E483 offers the same power figure. Each engine is tuned differently to suit the higher payload requirements as the GVW goes up in a truck. However, the difference really is the bigger cargo load body in two lengths of 4938 mm and 5352 mm in cabin and chassis and high side deck options. This truck offers 24% of gradeability and 195 mm of ground clearance. 

Pro 2095XP CNG

The Pro 2095 XP CNG is a 11100 kg GVW truck available in two powertrain options- the 95hp and 115hp power to address two distinct segments within the category, offering a choice buyer. It has three cargo lengths of 5352 mm, 6110 mm, and 6632 mm in cabin and chassis and high side deck options. The gradeability is 17% & 24%, and ground clearance of 195 mm. 

 Pro 2110XP PLUS CNG

The Pro 2110XP Plus is a 14T GVW CNG used for intracity and intercity logistics and transportation needs. It gets the higher power E494 engine, which churn-out 135hp of power at 450Nm of torque and tuned to a 7-speed gearbox. Available in cargo bodies of 5804 mm,6101 mm, and 7360 mm in options. The ground clearance is 250 mm and gradeability is 25%.

Pro 2114XP CNG 

The Pro 2114XP is the highest tonnage truck of 16020 kg GVW in the Eicher CNG portfolio. The company claims it is India's first 16T GVW CNG truck available in India. While it is at the upper bracket of tonnage in the medium-duty segment, a customer can use it for intercity movement and some select Intracity applications. It is fitted with the E494 engine capable of churning out 135hp of power at 450Nm of torque and tuned to a 7-speed gearbox for higher mileage and effortless driving. 

The Pro 2114 XP delivers generously on key elements such as higher pickup for faster and on-time delivery, segment-leading payload, superior mileage, and lower maintenance with lower emission benefits. You can buy this truck in three cargo lengths of 5811 mm, 6780 mm, and 7363 mm. 

It is noticeable that Eicher has an exhaustive CNG truck line-up, and like in the diesel portfolio, here too- the truck is available at every key tonnage point to appeal to a wide range of customers and applications. Eicher always makes sure the customers get to select the precise truck for his needs rather than a compromise by either buying a higher or lower variant. What more? All the trucks are part of the Pro 2000 series-design and developed for Indian road conditions and operating cycle- fundamental to performance and productivity. 

The CNG powertrain is complemented with superior aggregates such as brakes, suspensions, axles, and durable chassis. Eicher's signature factory-fitted cabin is comfortable and safer for the driver to remain productive and a pleasure to stay on the road by tilt and telescopic steering and standard power steering. So, are you looking to buy a CNG truck? Eicher offers you a lot!

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  • Eicher Pro 2050 CNG
    Eicher Pro 2050 CNG
    From ₹14.60 Lakh*
    • Power 95 hp
    • GVW 5490
    • Mileage 10
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 180
    • Payload 2462/2741
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2059 CNG
    Eicher Pro 2059 CNG
    ₹15.57 - ₹17.42 Lakh*
    • Power 95 hp
    • GVW 6950
    • Mileage 10
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 270
    • Fuel Type CNG
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG
    Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG
    ₹17.59 - ₹18.83 Lakh*
    • Power 95 hp
    • GVW 7490
    • Mileage 10
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 250/320
    • Fuel Type CNG
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2114XP CNG
    Eicher Pro 2114XP CNG
    ₹27.80 - ₹31.20 Lakh*
    • Power 135 hp
    • GVW 16371
    • Mileage 6.5
    • Engine 3760
    • Fuel Tank 565
    • Payload 10491/10631
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2075 CNG
    Eicher Pro 2075 CNG
    ₹17.94 - ₹19.50 Lakh*
    • Power 95 hp
    • GVW 7490
    • Mileage 9
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 320
    • Fuel Type CNG
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2095XP Plus CNG
    Eicher Pro 2095XP Plus CNG
    ₹21.80 - ₹24.70 Lakh*
    • Power 115 hp
    • GVW 11449
    • Mileage 7.5
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 430/520
    • Payload 7071
    View All Offers
  • Eicher Pro 2110XP Plus CNG
    Eicher Pro 2110XP Plus CNG
    ₹25.00 - ₹28.60 Lakh*
    • Power 135 hp
    • GVW 14250
    • Mileage 7
    • Engine 3760
    • Fuel Tank 470
    • Payload 9300
    View All Offers

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