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Eicher heavy-duty haulage BS6 truck range: Detail explored  

Published On May 12, 2020By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

We take a closer look at the heavy-duty Pro 3000 and 6000 series of trucks catering to the demanding 19T to 48T GVW haulage segments.

Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV) has unveiled the BS6 range of trucks and buses across 4.9-55T GVW with innovative BS6 technology- EUTECH6 in early March. The new platform combines VECV’s Euro6 expertise with the most reliable engine technology & fuel-efficient drivetrain. The BS6 trucks are designed to deliver superior performance, durability and a higher profit to customers.  

Over the years Eicher has been a well-established brand in the medium-duty truck segment in India. The company is a leader in this segment, however, with its modern Pro Series truck, the company has gained considerably in the heavy-duty vehicle (HCV) segment. It aims to further consolidate its position; to achieve that, the modern haulage trucks would play a critical role. Eicher says its BS6 trucks are not just higher emission complaint but they are here to redefine the Indian transportation industry.

Vital segment  

Among the major segments in the HCVs, the long-distance rigid segment is the largest in volumes and most crucial for the transportation and logistics industry. This segment is further divided into sub-segments at different tonnage categories. Post new axle load norms implementation, the haulage segment has been altered completely with new tonnage segments have emerged. Truck makers have to redesign products and aggregates for the higher tonnage and the transition to BS6 turned out to be the right opportunity to rearrange the portfolio.

The haulage trucks are always deployed in long-distance transportation catering bulk cargo in interstate movements across the length and breadth of India, these trucks are essentially the lifeline of the country’s economy.

Eicher has a strong offering in this segment with Pro Series haulage trucks at all the key categories. Eicher says all its rigid trucks offer the best mileage, higher payload capabilities without compromising the performance. Greater reliability and higher mileage are fundamental for any transport operator's business.  

Eicher’s heavy-duty haulage range is designed and developed keeping in mind the company’s USP of superior mileage, performance, safety and durability. Eicher also assuring higher uptime with the new trucks with 24x7 support by specialists at Eicher Uptime Centre, GPS engaged service vans available on call and remote diagnostics for quick repair of BS6 vehicles.

A closer look at the key products:    

Pro 3019

This dual axle 4x2 18.5 T GVW trucks gets modern features and aggregates for the highest efficiency and reliability to the customers. The entry-level truck from the HD range promises a comfortable cabin for longer fatigue-free driving, greater uptime, best milage and thus higher profit every single trip.

Targeted at applications such as tanker, LGP cylinder carrier, industrial goods, fruits and vegetables, FMCG, e-commerce and courier & logistics. Pro 3019 comes with some of the interesting features like fuel coaching, cruise control, M Booster plus and Eicher Live- all the technologies are offered across models and segment by the company. 

The Pro 3019 gets Eicher fuel-efficient E494, 4-cylinder 180 HP BS6 engine which produces a torque of 600 Nm.

Pro 6028

The 28T GVW multi-axle rigid is one of the important categories in India’s long-distance haulage is among the highest volume segment in the overall industry volumes. Thus, this category is a focus area for all the truck makers, underlining the intense competition in this category with equally formidable products.

The Pro 6028 is a 28T GVW rigid truck that comes with compelling offering to take on rivals. Like the rest of Eicher haulage trucks, Pro 6028 gets a comfortable cabin for longer fatigue-free driving, greater uptime, best milage and thus higher profit for the owner.

The pro 6028 is equipped with contemporary aggregates with the proven VEDX5 BS6 engine with is tuned perfectly for a superior combination of power and torque for greater performance. Considering the higher cargo carrying need, the engine produces 210 HP of power at a massive 825 Nm of torque between 1200-1600 rpm.

The suitable applications where this truck can be deployed include white goods, tanker, market load, cylinder transportation, FMCG, e-commerce and courier & logistics.  

Pro 6035

The Pro 6035 five axles 35T GVW rigid truck is another major product in the haulage range. It gets the VEDX5, 4-cylinder BS6 engine with a power of 240 HP and a massive 900 Nm of torque at 1200-1600 rpm.

This big truck is targeted at applications such as tanker, market load, courier and parcel and cement, fly ash,  container and reefer transportation among others.

Eicher is offering this truck in two wheelbases: 5800 mm variant gets Cabin With Chassis (CBC) 7,917 mm of load body span, High Side Deck (HSD) and Fix Side Deck (FSD) with 7,946 mm and 7,851 mm. The 6800 mm wheelbase variants gets CBC with load body options of 8,822 mm and 9,422 mm and HSD options of 8,866 mm.    

Pro 6042

This 42T GVW haulage truck is suitable for applications such as market load, tankers, cement, bulker and industrial material.

The Pro 6042 is also five axles truck gets the powerful VEDX8, 6-cylinder BS6 engine with a power of 260 HP and a huge 1000 Nm of torque at 1000-1700 rpm.

Considering the variety of applications this truck comes in 6800 mm of standard wheelbase with multiple load body options: The CBC variant gets 7,647 mm and 8,822 mm cargo body load spans and HSD 9,422 mm and 8,866 mm.

Pro 6048

The Pro 6048 is the highest GVW truck in the haulage segment with 47.5T, and suits applications such as market load, tankers, cement, bulkers and industrial material.

This massive truck shares the powertrain with its 6042 siblings, the powerful VEDX8, 6-cylinder BS6 engine with a power of 260 HP and an enormous 1000 Nm of torque at 1000-1700 rpm.

The comes in 6800 mm of wheels base, the CBC variants gets two cargo body spans of 8,822 mm and 9,422 mm. The HSD 8,866 mm and FSD 8,861 mm.

Eicher launched its BS6 portfolio in early March has categorically said that its new modern trucks are designed and developed keeping Indian operating conditions in mind. The trucks have been extensively tested both in the real world and in the lab. Like its earlier generation trucks, the firm is confident that the new trucks continue to deliver on its key promise of higher mileage and greater performance.

Further, Eicher is also deploying considerable resources to support 24X7 in any breakdown or technical issues faced by the customers. The aim is to keep the truck running and ensuring the owner earns more by focussing on running his transport business most efficient ways possible. 

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