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DSV CEO Jens Andersen Upbeat About Driverless Trucks

Published On Aug 09, 2016By Prashant Talreja

CEO of DSV Global Transport and Logistic, Nordic region’s biggest logistics firm, is all upbeat about the idea of driverless trucks. He believes that these driverless trucks will create a host of opportunities for DSV, the world’s foruth largets freight carrier. With the fleet of over 20,000 trucks operating all over the world, DSV is a major player in the logistics industry.

Mr. Andersen said, “All we need is the regulatory steps and perhaps a fine-tuning of the technology. The first step will probably allow driverless trucks on highways, possibly in a lane reserved for other self-driving vehicles. Fully self-driving trucks that also handle the distribution stage in big cities like Paris, London or Copenhagen, are many years away.” On job losses to occur because of these self driving machines, he put his view and said, “You need people who handle the goods, who consolidate the packaging, who utilise the truck capacity, who fill out customs forms, who advise clients, all this won’t change just because there’s no longer a driver behind the wheel.”

Nowadays, many prototypes of self-driven trucks have been showcased from the companies including Mercedes and Scania due to which automakers are looking optimistically towards the self-driven trucks. Scania’s electric trucks running on electric roads has just set an example for others to follow. Daimler is also testing its self-driven trucks under the Mercedes-Benz Trucks name.

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