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Defensive Driving - Tips for Highway Truckers

Published On Jun 21, 2016By Prashant Talreja

ore often than not, it’s rash driving more than anything else that causes road accidents on highways and while you’re driving a vehicle as big as truck, the impact is huge. There are also many other reasons accountable for the high number of truck accidents on highways and surprisingly, most of them can be countered by driving defensive.

By being defensive, you don’t need to go slow but just be attentive while cruising ahead. Here are some tips which you can practice while driving a truck on highways.

Keep Distance

The phrase is so common for truckers that it is mostly found painted on the back of trucks so that others behind maintain a safe distance. However, a trucker also needs to keep this rule in mind for himself as well.

By staying at a safe span from other vehicles, there are less chances of collision as you’ll get enough time to apply brakes and stop the truck within the limits.

Don’t Change the Course

Many a times truck drivers tend to overtake other vehicles by changing their lanes. This belligerent move could be devastating not only for you but others too. It’s hence advised to not to change your lane of motion frequently to stay out of the mishaps.

Being Attentive While Branching Off

Sometimes it’s the need of moment that one has to make a sharp cut while racing down the road just to avoid the possible impact with other vehicles. While facing such situations, being attentive about the surrounding and keeping control on the vehicle and brakes can be helpful to keep you safe.

Also, if you’re following above two tips then there are very high chances that you’ll have better knowledge of the vehicles moving around you while making cuts.

Eyes on the Horizon

The reason that racing drivers zoom at high speeds without taking too much risk is that they keep their eyes on the road not the vehicle in front of them. On the other hand, truck drivers tend to go in autonomous mode by following the vehicle moving in front of them and this causes high probability of accidents.

Keeping eyes on the road makes your driving independent of others and while you’re controlling yourself rather than anybody else, you would have ample time to avoid accidents.

Refrain from Distractions

With technology becoming an integral part of the life, truck drivers are now also using gadgets like smartphones and cameras. Extensive use of these things can be dangerous while on road and truck drivers must avoid using devices for their own safety.

Watch out for Jaywalk Type Drivers

If you think that jaywalking is applicable for only people on foot, then you need to change your perception. There are a number of drivers out on the road who are not less careless than any road crossing jaywalker; the only difference being that they are the vehicle they’re driving.

So if you’re out on the highway next time, watch out for irresponsible drivers flouting traffic rules and keep a safe distance from them.


While driving on highways, the driving style plays a major role in keeping you safe. Practicing the aforementioned tips will not only improve the safety of yours but others on the road as well.

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