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​CRDe Technology: Everything You want to Know About it

Published On Mar 14, 2017By Mukul Yudhveer Singh

India’s favourite Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra Bolero Pickup and many other Mahindra trucks are based on the same technology. Yes we are talking about the revolutionary CRDe (Common Rail Diesel Engine) technology used in personal and commercial vehicles manufactured by Mahindra and Mahindra.

The levels of confidence that M&M puts in its range of Blazo trucks powered by CRDe technology can easily be interpreted through the mileage guarantee available with them. As a matter of fact, Mahindra Blazo range, is India’s only truck family to offer such a guarantee on its range of commercial vehicles.

We, at TrucksDekho tried to decode the ‘specials’ offered by Mahindra’s CRDe technology, and came up with a lot of exciting stuff. Here’s a list :-

High Low End TorqueLike supercars need engines that can generate enough power to help them complete race laps within minutes, trucks, need engines that can help them pick up, carry and transport the heaviest of loads. The better the torque, the better will be a truck’s capability.

The CRDe technology incorporated in many Mahindra passenger and commercial vehicles, enables high low end torque generation even at 1000 RPM. For instance, Mahindra Bolero Pickup generates a maximum torque of 181 Nm @ 1400 to 2000 RPM. Sartaj Singh who drives a Bolero Pick up says,”Iska pickup or load uthane ka taqat bht acha hai (it offers good pickup and load carrying power)”. These torque figures at such low RPM is a reason why Bolero Pickup sales the most in country.

Low Maintenance CostThe basic reason that you buy a commercial vehicle revolves around earning a livelihood for your family. And the amount of money you spend on truck maintenance is one of the major deciders responsible behind the amount that you are saving.

CRDe technology, enables less wear and tear, leading to lower maintenance costs. Another reason transporters admire Mahindra Pickup trucks more than any other brand in India.

Wider Flat Torque BandTrucks spend 2/3 of their lives travelling on highways. Driving on highways require wider and better torque bands, and this is exactly what the CRDe technology powered engines offer.

Mahindra CRDe engines are tuned to provide a wider flat torque band, resulting in smooth driving on highways. Such driving also ensures better fuel efficiency.

Cold and Hot StartExtreme heat and extreme cold are two of the most common weather conditions faced by trucks and their drivers in the country. Starting trucks in such conditions after leaving them turned off overnight is peril of a task.

We tested a few Blazo trucks and found exceptional vehicle ignition abilities. Thanks to CRDe technology, the Blazo trucks started easily even at -5 and upto 50 degrees temperature conditions. (Tested in Artificial Climate Control Facility)

Low NVH LevelIncreased driver fatigue can lead to lower production abilities. Driver fatigue is generally caused by an uncomfortable cabin, vibrations and high NVH levels. Mahindra’s ace of spades, CRDe technology, not only leads to lesser engine noise and hence lowered vibrations in the driver’s cabin, but also enables lower NVH levels.

Simple Math - If you can lower the amount of driver fatigue, you will simply be able to increase the amount of operational hours.

Reduced Driver to Driver VariationWe all love our cars to the point that lending them to even the best of our friends is not easy at all. Similar is the case with fleet owners, it really gets difficult for them to swap drivers on different trucks. Moreover, it is believed that a commercial vehicle driven by different drivers can take a toll on the vehicle’s life, performance and mileage abilities.

Mahindra claims that its revolutionary CRDe technology reduces variation caused due to same vehicle driving by different drivers.

Icing on the cake!

The best part about this wonderful technology is its ability to do all that is mentioned above and still offer improved mileage via incorporated ‘Fuel Smart Technology’.

However, it really is saddening to see CRDe technology making an SUV range sell the most in a country, while a whole range of trucks and other commercial vehicles, powered by the same, not being given the space it deserves.

Here is what Ajay Devgun has to say about Mahindra Blazo Trucks!

Disclaimer: Content that we are sponsored to produce may not reflect the positions of TrucksDekho. Our opinions remain unbiased and objective.

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