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Comparison: Ashok Leyland 4220, Tata Motors 4225 and Eicher Pro 6042

Modified On Dec 14, 2020 12:33 PMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Take a look at the top contenders in the 42T GVW 14-wheels rigid trucks. We compare the Ashok Leyland 4220, Tata Motors 4225 and Eicher Pro 6042 in key departments such as engine size, power, aggregates and load body options.

In the rapidly changing Indian transportation and logistics industry, the trucks have undergone a massive change both in their tonnage sizes, built quality, aggregates, and stringent emission norms.

The 42T GVW rigid truck segment is among the most vital categories in the overall long-distance transportation and supply chain industry. Organized fleet operators and even individual buyers are increasingly preferring this colossal truck which becomes the most profitable to deploy on the long-distance routes, as their operating economic works in favour of the owner. As a result in the last 5-7 years, this segment grew to become one of the single largest categories in the overall heavy-duty trucks in India. Consequently, OEMs are not only trying to grow in segments but attract customers with the most reliable and yet productive trucks.

The rigid trucks often deployed on the long haul routes are the ones carry bulk cargo across the length and breadth of the country, and reliability is key for truck buyers of this segment. To address the customers growing expectations and provide a truck tailor-made for transporters' needs, OEMs have been working closely with customers. Over the year this segment has evolved a lot with new features added and tweaking of aggregates to enhance the product performance.   

The change in axle-load norms two years ago and the latest change in the emission norms-which are now among the most stringent in the world- have revamped the whole trucking industry. Truck makers have completely overhauled their portfolio to address the changing needs of customers and incorporated a new approach in truck design and developments.

As a result, the combined efforts of all the truck makers, Indian trucks become much more contemporary, powerful and productive as compared to their global peers. In our comparison stories, we try to help the customers understand the key products in any given category and what truck makers are offering, in this story we take a look at the 42T GVW category with top trucks on sale right now. The usual suspects are market leader Tata Motors 4225.T, Ashok Leyland's 4220 based on the modular platform, and Eicher EUTECH Pro 6042.

Let's dive in. 


The engine is at the heart of these trucks, and higher GVW means a more powerful and efficient engine for power, pickup and speed is a must. Ashok Leyland’s 4220 rigid truck gets the H series, 6 cylinders, CRS with iGen-6 technology BS6 engine. It produces 200HP of power at a maximum torque of 700 Nm at 1200-2000 rpm. Tata Motors LPT 4225 comes with a more powerful 250 HP Cummins ISBe 6.7L BS6 engine which produces a maximum torque of 950 Nm at 1100-1800. While the Pro 6042 comes with a 260HP VEDX8 BS6 engine which produces a maximum torque of 1000 Nm at 1000-1700 rpm.

In this category, Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland also offer the higher power 250HP engine variants too. Tata Motors 4225 comes in CX and LX variants in LPT and Signa cabin options.  

Key Aggregates

Tata Motors LPT 4225 front axle is heavy-duty 7T reverse elliot type and the rear axle comes with single reduction RA110HD at RFWD and RA 910 at RRWD. It gets Tata's in-house 950 gearboxes with 6F + 1R gears and fitted with ladder-type, heavy-duty frame in 285 x 65 x 8.5 mm dimensions. 

The Eicher Pro 6042 is fitted with heavy-duty fully floating single reduction, 458 mm drive head rear axle, and parabolic front suspensions and semi-elliptic slipper at the rear. It gets gearbox is Eaton140S9 manual, the chassis dimensions are 300mm x 76 mm x 7mm, and the brakes are dual circuit full air S-Cam with ABS.

Ashok Leyland 4220 front axles are forged I section, reverse elliot type and optional unitized wheel bearings or anti-roll bar, the rear axle is fully floating single speed rear axle, RAR: 5.83:1 and optional: Unitized wheel bearings. The front suspensions are semi-elliptic multi-leaf optional parabolic springs and the rear NRS. It is equipped with a 6-speed synchromesh gearbox and two options of 8/9 speed gearboxes. The chassis frame of this truck is high strength steel material with new improved design in 275x75x(8+6) mm in dimensions in bolted construction. The brakes are full air dual line with ABS and auto exhaust.

The rigid trucks are primarily operating on long-haul routes and hence driver comfort is highly critical for productive use of the truck. Ashok Leyland is providing economy cowl and cabin, U-value cabin and premium cabin AC option. Tata Motors is offering both the cab/cowl and Signa cabin. While the Pro 6042 comes in the standard Eicher sleeper cabin.  

Cargo Load body options

Considering the critical cargo transportation on long-haul routes customers look for different cargo body options suitable for their applications. Hence, OEMs have ready trucks for different customer needs, and they also open to offer a customize cargo body too. Most of the Indian customers of this segment prefer to build their own body with the help of private operators as per the needs.

Yet, all the 42T trucks come with OEM fitted body options, like Ashok Leyland has 28, 30 32 ft body options with standards 6600 mm wheelbase. The pro 6042 comes in the cabin and chassis variant with load-body spans of 7,647, 8822, 9422 mm, and the high side deck variant in 8,866 mm load body option with a standard wheelbase of 6800 mm. Tata Motors too has a variety of load body options at two variants.    

Undoubtedly, the 42T GVW haulage truck segment becomes highly competitive with nearly similar specifications and powerful aggregates from all the OEMs, all the three products are an equally compelling set of promise on offer. The customer certainly has a lot to choose between what is on the offer in this demanding category!  


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  • Eicher Pro 6042
    Eicher Pro 6042
    ₹42.81 - ₹42.84 Lakh*
    • Power 260 hp
    • GVW 42000
    • Mileage 4
    • Engine 7700
    • Fuel Tank 350
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    View All Offers
  • Ashok Leyland 4220-10x2 MAV
    Ashok Leyland 4220-10x2 MAV
    ₹34.30 - ₹38.67 Lakh*
    • Power 200 hp
    • GVW 42000
    • Mileage 3.5
    • Engine 5300
    • Fuel Tank 375
    • Payload 29000
    View All Offers
  • Ashok Leyland 4225-10x2 MAV
    Ashok Leyland 4225-10x2 MAV
    Price Coming Soon
    • Power 250 hp
    • GVW 42000
    • Mileage 4
    • Engine 5300
    • Fuel Tank 375
    • Payload 29000
    View All Offers

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