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Running a Profitable Logistics Business - Why Choose Value Over Cost?

Modified On Mar 07, 2023 06:30 PMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

A robust, productive, and well-maintained fleet is at the heart of efficient transportation 

India is among the fastest-growing large economies in the world, and fueling this growth are major sectors across the spectrum. One top sector that contributes significantly to the economic boom is transportation and logistics. In a recent paper titled ‘Transforming Trucking in India’, published by the NITI Aayog in association with RMI, an independent nonprofit organization, “Road transport (i.e., trucks) carries the bulk of India’s goods, 70% of today’s domestic freight demand. Heavy and medium-duty trucks (HDTs and MDTs, respectively) are responsible for most of that road transportation accounting for 76% and 21% of the road freight demand. And as road freight travel continues to grow, the number of trucks is expected to more than quadruple, from 4 million in 2022 to roughly 17 million trucks by 2050.”

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These staggering numbers point towards the vital role of trucks in India’s underlining economic rise, at a time when there has been an emphasis on more sustainable transportation to reduce the dependence on imported fuel and carbon emissions. However, conventional energy sources are likely to power the thriving transport sector, at least for the foreseeable future. 

Efficient Fleet

One of the ways to overcome the challenges in the consumption of energy is a contemporary and productive fleet. What makes a fleet profitable? A well-maintained, competent truck that optimizes productivity, carries big payloads and covers a higher average distance by consuming the lesser fuel. Excellent turnaround time and lower operational costs are key to the reducing overall Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO).

For a truck owner/fleet operator, the TCO becomes critical, and the most efficient way to achieve a substantially efficient TCO is by utilizing a truck to its maximum potential. Running consistently, covering more distance, and generating higher revenues every single trip, and thus an idle truck, for whatever reason, for example, an unexpected breakdown is highly detrimental to the success of the business. 

Value Against Cost

An optimized TCO provides the necessary edge to any small, large, or big fleet, and what are the key elements of a perfect TCO? There are several of them including 

1. Higher Turnaround Time

2. Zero Break Downs 

3. Excellent Engine Performance

4. Operational Advantages

5. Reliable Fleet

A healthy and reliable truck is as good as its engine performance, besides, of course, skillful driving practices and proactive maintenance. What really contributes to finer engine performance is choosing the right oil and effective use of it. And, here Value over Cost plays a vital role, as high-quality proven engine oil promises greater benefits across key factors. 

Lower Cost of Operation

This implies that the truck stays on the road, carrying cargo and earning revenue and you don’t need to visit the workshops, thus zero occurrences of performance drop. This will bring down the cost significantly over time, reducing spending on oil and inventory as well as the time and labor involved in the process. 

Fuel-Efficiency Gains

Higher mileage is at the core of the transport business, and remarkably high-quality engine oil is crucial to accomplish that goal, which in turn brings down the energy, and reduces the overall friction inside the engine, thus increasing the efficiency. This leads to the best possible outcome from the engine resulting in lower fuel consumption, thus boosting the overall mileage. 

Enhanced Performance

Another advantage of having lower internal friction through the use of quality lubricant is that reduces component wear and tear while preserving engine fluidity. This directly increases the life of important parts inside the engine, which helps in longer life and lowers the cost of maintenance. Good quality lubricants such as engine oil, transmission oil, or grease, help arrest any kind of failures, thereby increasing running times and generating revenues. 

Pick The Best 

A superior quality engine oil is, therefore, essential in gaining the necessary edge with a healthy and productive fleet. There are several top engine oil brands to choose from, one among them is from the global giant, ExxonMobil’s Mobil Delvac MX ESP 15W-40 API CK-4which has proven to be the best out there.  

Why? Among the several advantages, the Mobil Delvac MX ESP 15W-40 API CK-4, a fully synthetic engine oil promises 48% better part wear protection*, oil drain interval of up to 1,20,000km**, range over varied terrain and weather conditions, along with excellent protection from corrosion. An engine oil that you can depend on for your business is highly critical for the success of mixed and modern fleet operations. 

So, always pick the finest to ensure the greatest benefits for your fleet through engine oil! 


* Based on Industry Standard Engine test sequence IVA in API SL

**Based on a field trial conducted in India on a BS IV truck of a leading OEM. Actual results may vary based on vehicle type and operating conditions. Please refer to your vehicle service manual for lubricant requirement & service intervals. Service interval recommendation for India market only


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