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​BharatBenz: Top Five Social Media Posts

Published On Nov 05, 2016By Mukul Yudhveer Singh

What you post on social media can make or break your business and BharatBenz, one of India's most popular commercial vehicle brands, has laid special emphasis on its social media handles since its inception. Owing to its German roots, the company has not at all taken social media lightly and its current presence in one of History TV's most prestigious shows 'Ice Road Truckers' is a sheer proof of that.

The graph below demonstrates the number of posts and amount of reactions that BharatBenz has garnered from September 2015 to September 2016.

BharatBenz also shares photographs of its trucks sent by people who drive them in India. And mind you, this strategy is so good in numbers that BharatBenz gets thousands of reactions per post on Facebook and such massive amount of reactions on a commercial vehicle’s Facebook handle is frankly astonishing. Here are the top performing posts by BharatBenz on Facebook.

Post Date - July 27, 2016

Event or Post - Ice Road Truckers-India's Deadliest Roads

Reactions - 19.408k

BharatBenz sure knows to shake things up. Most people in the industry would call sponsoring a show as big as Ice Road truckers a risk for a new company in India. But you achieve nothing if you don't take risks and BharatBenz knew exactly what it was doing while signing up for the show.

Not only would the show educate people about BharatBenz, but would also help the company develop a soft corner in the hearts of people. The show will also generate tremendous amount of respect for the brand as it will showcase how difficult truck driving can get.

Post Date - May 1, 2016

Event or Post - Highlighting trucks reliability through a thank you note!

Reactions - 21.854k

If a brand wants itself to be taken seriously, it's got to have an excellent after sales services team. But things get better when you can thank your customers over the social media and this is what Bharatbenz exactly did.

The CV manufacturer issued a thank-you note over Facebook and amazingly the post got 21.785k reactions. This particular social media post was so brilliantly crafted that it did not only thank the customers but also educated them about the levels of reliability that BharatBenz trucks offer. It indeed is mesmerizing to see such simple yet brilliant plan of actions.

Post Date - 21 May 2016

Event or Post - Balance Professional and Personal life

Reactions - 22.570k

This particular post from BharatBenz emphasised on how its trucks help drivers balance their professional and personal life. The post got 22570 reactions underlining the importance of family in one's professional life.

What else would you need if you have a commercial vehicle that helps you complete your work faster, leaving you with more time on hand for your family. At least the Facebook post said so!

Post Date - 19 April 2016

Event or post - Bharat Benz trucks completing 4 Lakh kilometres

Reactions - 31.774k

There's nothing like showcasing what a truck can do. 50 BharatBenz trucks covered 4 lakh kilometers in 3.5 years. Each of the trucks were driven 450 Kms every single day and the CV brand used the event to underline the superb abilities its products offer.

The post said that 4 lakh kilometres is going 10 times around the world and their trucks did just that without breaking a sweat.

Post Date - 2 February 2016

Event or Post - Introduction to MD in Power range

Reactions - 33.613K

Mercedes Benz is known for the combination of luxury and power it offers in its line of vehicles. Following the footsteps, BharatBenz introduced its new range of MD in Power which promised consumers a mix of luxury and power. The post got 33,613 reactions on Facebook and was BharatBenz’s best post on the social media.

Though we do not have the exact number of commercial vehicles that BharatBenz has sold in the current financial year, but the increasing road presence of BharatBenz trucks in India have a story of their own.

Educating and helping consumers is the main motive behind such posts. TrucksDekho understands the importance of all the elements related to the CV industry and hence will try to reveal the social media plots of all CV manufacturers operating in India. Our every step is inclined towards making truck buying easier and profitable for you.

(We thank Robinder Gauba, Business Head, TrucksDekho.com, former Data Scientist, Georgetown University, USA for conceptualizing, statistically analyzing & interpreting the social media data.)

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