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BharatBenz Heavy-Duty Haulage Truck Range Explored!

Modified On Nov 26, 2022 04:34 PMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

We take a look at the widest 26-48-tonne multi-axle trucks ideal for long-haul cargo shipping

After successfully completing a decade in India, BharatBenz Trucks are now gaining prominence in the Indian truck market across medium and heavy haulage, tipper, and tractor segments. Today, BharatBenz branded trucks are a common sight across Indian highways and top logistics hubs, and mining and construction sights. This underlines customers' appetite for this new brand of trucks. 

Despite fierce competition from the local truck brands, BharatBenz has gradually made a mark in the Indian truck market with its top-class, technology-laden truck that is developed and manufactured taking into account the local operating needs and duty cycles. 

BharatBenz has a robust and extensive truck portfolio in the heavy-duty haulage segments-which is the largest- as these trucks are used in the long-haul bulk cargo movement across the length and breadth of India. The multi-axle haulage trucks are available between 26-48-tonne GVW categories. We cover the entire offering of the brand in the long-haul heavy-duty haulage category.

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BharatBenz’s heavy haulage truck range starts with this 26-tonne GVW truck that comes with a 180 kW of power engine that produces 850 Nm of peak torque for all your long-haul cargo shipping needs. Available in two wheelbases and two cargo body lengths, with two cabin options to choose from- the sleeper and Mid type cabin. 



This is a 10-tyre, multi-axle truck in the 28-tonne GVW category, and shares the same engine with the identical configuration of the 2623R- the 180Kw of power engine producing a massive 850 Nm of torque. To cover a wide range of applications, on this truck there are 4 wheelbase and cargo body lengths to choose from. You can also select either the full or compact sleeper-type cabins. 


Another 10-tyre truck comes with a higher 31-tonne GVW for some special and nice applications like tankers. Here you can choose from 3 wheelbase and cargo body lengths with a mid-cabin type. Here the engine is the same that you get with the 26 and 28-tonne GVW trucks. 


On the 12-tyre, 35-tonne GVW multi-axle truck you get three wheelbase and cargo body lengths options. Available in tube and tubeless tyres, this 4-axle truck is versatile and suitable for several long-haul cargo carrying/logistics applications.


BharatBenz introduced this new innovative truck in the 38-tonne GVW category with four axles and 12-tyre configurations. To take on heavy cargo applications, the truck gets a 210kW power engine that produces a peak torque of 1100 Nm. Targeted at special applications, you can buy this truck in single wheelbase and 26 ft cargo body length option. 


In the popular 42-tonne GVW, 14-tyre 5-axle category, this BharatBenz truck has a high demand in the market. In two wheelbase and cargo lengths, this truck is available in a sleeper cabin option for your long-haul cargo shipping needs. Equipped with a powerful 210kW engine that produces 1100 Nm of torque. Suitable for various applications including liquid/gas transport petroleum chemical bitumen water parcel/FMCG/FMCD, port movement, cement transportation, market load, etc. 


This is a top-end 16-tyre truck with a massive 48-tonne of GVW category for some of the giant cargo shipping needs for organized fleet customers. With the same powerful engine with 1100 Nm of torque and 210 kW of power, this truck is indeed humongous. Available in single wheelbase and cargo body, you can buy this truck in Mid Cabin configurations. 

Over the years, BharatBenz trucks have now proven their performance credentials with durability and reliability. There are plenty of trucks running across India winning customer trucks in the long-haul segment. And to support customers and respond to any issues, the brand has been expanding its network by investing in dealerships and totouchpointsThus, BharatBenz ticks all the right boxes and is ready to serve diverse customer needs with an extensive truck range. 

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