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​BharatBenz 1214 Truck’s Three Year Old Journey

Published On Jun 30, 2016By Lisa Pradhan

One of the most sought after vehicles in the commercial vehicle segment, BharatBenz 1214 has effortlessly carved a niche for itself among fleet owners. Aimed at the cargo market, the 12 tonner 1214 truck was launched in early 2013. The ex-showroom price of this popular BharatBenz truck starts from Rs 12.6 lakh.

The vehicle was introduced along with the 9 tonner 914 cargo truck and the 12 tonner 1217 tipper truck. By introducing these three commercial vehicles simultaneously into the market, BharatBenz had set serious competition for other top auto makers in India. The company strategically launched the diverse vehicles to provide several applications on a platter (such as cargo and construction) to the Indian truck buyers.

What made 1214 an instant hit among truck buyers was the promise of lower running costs. Banking on the USP of “guaranteed profits”, BharatBenz marketed the truck on these key selling points:

1. Oil change interval at 30,000 kilometers.

2. Highly durable gearbox and clutch.

3. Higher load balance and longevity of the rear axle

4. Deep frame depth of C-Channel section chassis for maximum durability

Also, Bharatbenz 1214 was based on Daimler’s famous FUSO global platform, while conforming to the demands of the Indian roads. Although capable of producing a comparatively higher notches of power and torque, Daimler had equipped the vehicle with a less stressed engine, thus leading to quieter operations, fewer breakdowns and more consistent performance. The vehicle is currently available in six variants with different wheelbase and body options.

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