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Best Piaggio three-wheelers 

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Piaggio is a highly recognized three-wheeler brand in India that is serving the last-mile people and cargo-carrying needs for decades. With a wide portfolio of vehicles, the company retails some of the most popular three-wheelers. We take a look at some of the promising Ape brands of 3W that you can buy right now.


Indian three-wheeler market-comprising passenger and cargo vehicle is vibrant and growing. Key OEMs are catering for this bargaining market with impressive products that are highly fuel-efficient, reliable and trusted by the customers. Piaggio is one major player with a strong portfolio of three-wheelers that are available under the Ape brand. It is highly unlikely that we miss the omnipresent Ape three-wheeler as they are visible across Indian cities, towns and villages serving well for almost all customer needs. 

Ape three-wheelers have earned customer trust with their reliability, performance and the ability to help owners earn greater revenue with lower running cost. So, if you are thinking of buying a new 3W or replace the one you already own, here are some of the top cargo and passenger Ape three-wheelers that could be your next business partner. Not only the conventional IC engine 3W but Piaggio has also taken a lead in the emerging electric autos. The company has introduced both full-electric passenger and cargo three-wheelers. 

Ape Xtra LDX

While Piaggio has the widest portfolio of cargo and passenger 3W, the company has a leadership position in the cargo carrier segment thanks to the Ape Xtra LDX auto rickshaw. The Ape LDX cargo three-wheeler is the most popular among customers to carry all types of logistics shipments. 

The Ape Xtra LDX comes with the promise of greater profit to the owner with minimum running cost and higher durability. Piaggio has further refined this tiny vehicle with a powerful and highly efficient BS6 engine along with a smoother 5-speed gearbox and other aggregates. The Ape Xtra LDX is strong, rugged and durable with the commitment of performance with superior mileage that makes it the number one choice of the customer.

Ape Xtra LDX+

The Ape Xtra LDX+ as the name suggests is the sibling of the popular Ape Xtra LDX cargo auto rickshaw sharing almost all the key attributes of performance. The only major difference between both vehicles is the size of cargo deck. Piaggio is offering the Ape Xtra LDX+ with a bigger cargo deck for those customers who need an auto that can carry bigger, voluminous cargo. 

Ape City

Moving on from the cargo carrier segment, Piaggio also has a strong presence in the passenger carrier auto-rickshaw segment taking on market leader Bajaj. The first key product in this segment is the Ape City, highly popular that offers the best value for money proposition in terms of the total cost of ownership. 

To cater wider customer segment, Ape City is available in petrol, LPG, and CNG variants. The CNG and LPG variants come with 230 cc, 3V smart tech, and forced air-cooled engine, while the CNG engine offers a maximum power of 6.6 kW and 14.8Nm of torque. The LPG engine comes with 7.1 kW of power at 17.65 Nm of torque. Similarly, you get an effortless transmission along with aggregates and superior built quality. 


Another option for the passenger auto rickshaw buyer from Piaggio is Ape DXL. The Piaggio Ape DXL is one of the chart-topping models for the Ape portfolio. The three-seater vehicle is a mix of practicality coupled with load ability and robust build quality.

Ape DX 

Piaggio Ape DX is another passenger carrier auto that comes with an efficient diesel-powered engine. Targeted at urban and rural people carrying needs, the Ape DX blends the performance and reliability well. Affordable to run, Ape DX offers superior mileage and comes with the promise of lower maintenance cost. 

What matters the most to an auto-rickshaw owner is a lower maintenance vehicle that promises good mileage and helps in earning more revenue each trip. Here the Ape DX has low maintenance along with durable aggregates that make it run efficiently for longer periods. Moreover, the passenger cabin is quite roomy with adequate space for three passengers with sufficient leg and headroom with comfortable wide seat. 

Ape E City

In the passenger carrier full electric auto, Piaggio has the promising Ape E-City, a completely battery operated, environment-friendly three-wheeler. Unlike the options available in the market, the Ape E-City comes with the new generation swappable battery which you can change during daily operations. Then the powerful motors are fitted for greater overall performance. 

Compared to any IC engine auto, Ape E City is profitable to operate with nominal registration, free permit, and no road tax. Since Ape E-City has no engine, thus there isn’t a clutch and gear, noiseless to start and smooth operating. 

On the exterior too, this EV auto scores much better. For example the dual-tone design and contemporary features like the safer doors, blue vision lamps for better night-time visibility. Piaggio claims that the owner doesn’t need to worry about battery cost or charging while using this vehicle. 

To help you find the nearest charging station at any given time, the vehicle is integrated with a mobile app that also gives you key information such as charging status, distance to empty, nearest station, and wallet balance. 

Ape E-Xtra

The Ape E-Xtra is a cargo carrier that offers a lot of benefits as compared to the diesel-powered auto. Ape E Xtra has a strong and sizable cargo body that can carry almost every cargo for short to medium distances. Despite being an EV, Ape E-Xtra is well built and a strong auto that is capable of carrying all of your logistics needs.  

Piaggio has a wide range of auto-rickshaws that address every customer's needs be it passenger carrier or cargo carrier. Ape auto rickshaws have been well-established in the Indian 3W market with their affordability, reliability and greater performance. so, which one suits your business the best? Check out the ex-showroom price and research them all only on TrucksDekho before you head to your nearest Piaggio dealership.

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  • Piaggio Ape Auto DXL
    Piaggio Ape Auto DXL
    From ₹2.79 Lakh*
    • Power 9.39 hp
    • GVW 974
    • Mileage 25
    • Engine 599
    • Fuel Tank 10
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    View All Offers
  • Piaggio Ape Auto DX
    Piaggio Ape Auto DX
    ₹3.52 - ₹3.54 Lakh*
    • Power 10.05 hp
    • GVW 753
    • Mileage 30
    • Engine 598
    • Fuel Tank 20.6
    • Fuel Type LPG
    View All Offers
  • Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX
    Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX
    ₹2.45 - ₹2.48 Lakh*
    • Power 9.4 hp
    • GVW 975
    • Mileage 22
    • Engine 599
    • Fuel Tank 10.5
    • Payload 496
    View All Offers
  • Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus
    Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus
    ₹2.66 - ₹3.09 Lakh*
    • Power 9.59 hp
    • GVW 975
    • Mileage 36
    • Engine 230.7
    • Payload 532
    • Fuel Type CNG
    View All Offers
  • Electric
    Piaggio Ape E Xtra FX
    Piaggio Ape E Xtra FX
    From ₹3.12 Lakh*
    • Power 12 hp
    • GVW 975
    • Payload 506
    • Fuel Type Electric
    View All Offers

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