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Bajaj three-wheeler range explored

Modified On May 24, 2022 09:03 PMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

India’s top auto-rickshaw makers offer an extensive range in the passenger and cargo carrier segments. We take a closer look to tell you which one should be on your radar.

Bajaj Auto is the pioneer of the ubiquitous three-wheeler, also known as auto-rickshaws in India. These affordable and compact vehicles help in moving people and cargo most cost-effectively, navigating through narrow lanes, and congestion to reach consumers' doorsteps along with providing employment opportunities to the vast majority of people at the bottom of the income pyramid. This is what makes them popular among entry-level cargo vehicle customers. 

Despite the popularity of entry-level four-wheeler trucks, the auto-rickshaw continues to attract first time buyers or those cost-conscious customers looking to enter into the logistics business. Over the years, the auto-rickshaw segment has become highly competitive with rising annual sales volume as more brands eyeing greater volume. Yet, Bajaj with its strong brand and superior product portfolio remains at the top of the game, with rivals still playing catch-up. The company has a majority market share in the overall three-wheeler industry in India, clearly underlining the strong grip of the brand on this vital vehicle segment. 

So, if you’re in the market looking for an auto-rickshaw- be in the passenger or cargo carrier segment, Bajaj is your choice of brand. And to help you choose the right variant within the widest offering, we bring you the Bajaj auto-rickshaw range to make your decision simple and easy. 

Bajaj Compact RE

The Compact RE variant of the Bajaj auto-rickshaw is the most popular passenger carrier three-wheeler that is sold in India. Tailor-made for Indian operating cycles both in cities and towns, the Compact RE is packed with key performance attributes including higher mileage, greater comfort and ease to drive in congested city traffic and challenging rural roads. Bajaj Compact RE is the first choice of customers in the people carrier segment that caters to the Indian vast affordable mass-mobility segments. 

Bajaj offers the Compact RE in diesel, petrol, CNG and LPG fuel options at an affordable price packed with most of the features that a buyer expects in the category. The Compact RE is known for its overall value attributes that include compact design, higher passenger comfort, and ergonomic passenger and driver cabin. The engine is powerful enough to carry 3 passengers across any challenging terrain comfortably by offering higher mileage and better profit. The Compact RE is available in green, black and yellow colours with an ex-showroom price range of ₹ 2.34 - ₹ 2.36 Lakh.

Bajaj Maxima Z

The Maxima Z is another auto-rickshaw variant from Bajaj that comes in CNG, LPG and diesel fuel options for all your local people's mobility business needs. This auto-rickshaw offers the potential to enhance the earnings by providing key value from overall performance and reliability.

The Bajaj Maxima Z gets a powerful 236.2 CC engine with 6.74 kW of power for all kinds of daily commuting needs. The 40L capacity fuel tank makes sure you take minimum breaks during your daily operations and stay highly productive. The Maxima Z is available in green, black and yellow colours with an ex-showroom price range of ₹ 1.96 - ₹ 1.98 Lakh.

Bajaj Maxima X Wide

Then there is the Bajaj Maxima X Wide variant of auto-rickshaw that comes with a powerful engine, comfortable passenger cabin and superior aggregates that guarantees reliability. As the name suggests, the Maxima X wide is a slightly bigger variant within the Bajaj portfolio of auto-rickshaws that allow you to carry more passengers with ease. 

The performance of Maxima X wide is ensured by a powerful 236.2 cc engine which comes in CNG, diesel and LPG options with 7.1 kW of power. The higher 60L capacity fuel tank makes it quite large enough for daily commuting. The Maxima X Wide is available in green, black and yellow colours with an ex-showroom price range of ₹ 2.45 - ₹ 2.47 Lakh.

Bajaj Maxima C

Apart from the passenger carrier segment, Bajaj also takes care of the cargo three-wheeler customers with an equally strong and rugged auto-rickshaw the Bajaj Maxima C. This is a versatile cargo three-wheeler for almost all daily cargo/logistics and supply-chain shipping needs. Powered by a 236.2 cc engine with a peak 7.1 kW power to pull 600 plus kg of payload effortlessly no matter what terrain you are going through. 

The large size cargo deck allows you to carry big shipments/high volume cargo/logistics comfortably. The overall built quality of the Maxima C stands out amongst its peers promising overall reliability as well as superior mileage and performance to help you earn high profit. 

Bajaj Auto promises higher superior mileage, lower maintenance, greater comfort and segment-best reliability across its auto-rickshaw portfolio. Each auto-rickshaw is priced aggressively keeping in mind the cost-conscious customer's segment, however, delivering greater value with overall well-packed product and services. The Maxima C is available in CNG and diesel-powered engines, in green, blue, red and yellow colours with an ex-showroom price range of ₹ 2.83 - ₹ 2.84 Lakh.

Clearly, there is a Bajaj auto-rickshaw for every customer, application and budget, and you can choose anyone that suits best to your business. 

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At TrucksDekho, you get to find on-road prices of all the Bajaj auto-rickshaw, the finance options, and EMI calculations. You can also compare the vehicles with similar brands in the category and find out the showroom/dealership in your city or town. 


  • Bajaj Maxima C
    Bajaj Maxima C
    ₹2.83 - ₹2.84 Lakh*
    • Power 7.45 kW
    • GVW 995
    • Mileage 35
    • Engine 236.2
    • Fuel Tank 40
    • Payload 619
    View All Offers
  • Bajaj RE
    Bajaj RE
    ₹2.34 - ₹2.36 Lakh*
    • Power 8 kW
    • GVW 673
    • Mileage 40
    • Engine 236.2
    • Fuel Tank 8
    • Fuel Type Petrol
    View All Offers
  • Bajaj Maxima Z
    Bajaj Maxima Z
    ₹1.96 - ₹1.98 Lakh*
    • Power 7.3 kW
    • GVW 818
    • Mileage 29.86
    • Engine 236.2
    • Fuel Tank 40
    • Fuel Type CNG
    View All Offers
  • Bajaj Maxima X Wide
    Bajaj Maxima X Wide
    ₹2.45 - ₹2.47 Lakh*
    • Power 6.62 kW
    • GVW 973
    • Mileage 30
    • Engine 470.5
    • Fuel Tank 8
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    View All Offers

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