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Ashok Leyland Bada Dost Vs Tata Motors Intra V30: Specs comparison 

Published On Sep 21, 2020By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

The Bada Dost just checks-in intensifying the competition in the last-mile delivery truck segment. We put this all-new promising truck against the Tata Motors equally modern top-end Intra V30 model to compare the specs to help you make the right decision.  

Flexing muscles in the highly soaring last-mile mini-truck market with an ambition to become a serious player addressing most of the market segments, Ashok Leyland launches the Bada Dost-LCV developed ground-up on a completely new local platform. Bada Dost is introduced in two variants- i4 and i3 to cater two distinct payloads in the LCV market. 

Like the company entered in the LCV market for the first time in 2011 with Dost, Bada Dost also comes with some segment-defining and differentiating factors to appeal to the consumer as well as stand out in the highly competitive market. We pitch the Bada Dost i3 variant against the Tata Intra V30- yet another segment-leading truck can compare how both these trucks look on paper. Which one is most suitable for your business and you can go for? Read the details. 


Looking at both the trucks, it is quite evident that Indian trucks have come a long way in terms of the way they look when you look at them at the first glance. Indian truck makers deserve thumbs up for their relentless focus on scaling-high and breaking the boundaries in the design, aesthetics and look over the years. Both the Bada Dost and Intra platforms are clearly the most visible example of the progress; both the trucks are modern, contemporary with a design second to none.  

Both the trucks appear like a car with attractive front facia, the latest cabin, and the trucks' overall fit and finish. It is an open secret that Indian LCV buyers are highly cost-sensitive; for them, the performance of the truck is the foremost criteria, not necessarily how it looks. Yet, given the larger number of truck LCV buyers are owner-drivers and they feel a lot about their truck; recognizing this fact- OEMs are now offering far better-looking trucks. Undoubtedly, Bada Dost and Intra have proven this fact with the overall design and overall product development.  

Engine Power

The most important aspect of any truck is the performance, and the powertrain determines it. Since both the truck caters to the above one-tonne- payload segments, the engine here is a little higher in power than the entry-level mini-trucks. The Bada Dost i3 variant is a lower-end offering equipped with 1.5 liters, 3-cylinder diesel motor that produces 80hp of power at 190 Nm of torque. This engine is a turbocharged intercooler with lean NOx trap LNT technology to boost the power. In comparison, Intra V30 has fitted a direct injection, 4-cylinder, 1496 cc engine, which produces 70hp of power at a peak torque of 140 Nm. Needless to say, the Bada Dost scores high in size of the engine and the power too. 

The bigger engine means Bada Dost carriers a higher payload of 1400 kg with a full side deck cargo body options. The Intra V30 is capable of 1300 kg, suitable for its engine size for effortless driving and faster pickup.  

To become a workhorse to offer higher cargo carrying capacities to the truck owners, Bada Dost i3 comes with a generous wheelbase of 2590 mm and the length is 4935 mm. The cargo load body size is 9.5 ft x 5.9 ft x 1.5 ft. The V30 wheelbase is 2450 mm and length of 4460 mm and the cargo load body is 8.8 ft x 5.3ft size. The LCVs are often deployed in rural and urban applications in challenging terrain at times. Thus, one key piece of the feature is higher gradeability- the ability to climb steep terrain-flyover is quite vital, especially when the truck loaded with cargo; Bada Dost gets 28.3 and is V30 scores higher with 37%. 

The Bada Dost is launched with prices between Rs 7.75- 7.99 lakh and V30 is Rs 6.92-7.22 lakh, ex-showroom prices in Delhi, remember the prices differ in each state and city. You visit the nearest showroom in your city or town to know the best price. 

Power of Aggregates 

The aggregates are equally critical for the trucks' overall performance, so the Intra V30 has got superior aggregates for greater productivity and greater execution. The electric power-assisted steering is standard; it gets leap-spring suspension with 5-leafs in the front and 8-in the rear, the tyre size is 185 R 14 size. Bada Dost i3 steering is power-assisted, tiltable column. The front suspension is over-slung parabolic with 3- leaves in 2-stage and the rear is over-slung semi-elliptic 3+3 leaves with 2-stage. The tyre size is 215/75 R15 LT in tubeless for superior road grip always. 

Intra V30 gets a contemporary cabin, elegant interior design and styling with plenty of features. The cabin is a bigger and wider walkthrough with driver and co-driver seating. The dashboard-mounted gear lever & comfortable seats are easy to drive and help the driver rest inside the cabin during trips. Additionally, the electric power-assisted steering helps in effortlessly navigating through congestion or narrow lanes. The key controls, pedals and levers are adequately placed within easy reach for the driver for enjoyable driving. 

Likewise, Bada Dost comes with a spacious and first in the industry an ARAI certified 3-seater driver and two co-passenger comfortable seating for all 3-occupants. The walkthrough provides adequate legroom and headroom for 3-people. The ergonomically positioned dash-mounted gear and controls make it easy to access for the driver. The cabin is quite suitable for even longer trips in the city or neighboring towns. It also gets power steering for easy drive and AC for a comfortable in-cabin experience. Additionally, the large windscreen with a panoramic view makes outside visibility better and easy to drive. 

Performance Features 

V30 has the gear shift advisor along with Eco Switch. The gear shift advisor allows the right gear selection during driving. This truck also gets ECO and NORMAL drive modes aimed at achieving higher mileage during different driving conditions. Moreover, Tata Motors makes sure the consumer spends less on maintenance costs, staying away from frequent servicing of the truck, thus saving precision time and money and equally durable aggregates. 

Bada Dost promises higher mileage through Ashok Leyland indigenous I-Gen6 technology and easy to drive through tough terrains, this truck comes with superior load-carrying ability. Higher loading deck and loading space to carry voluminous and dense loads with ease.


Well, after going through both the trucks in-depth, what is apparent that Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland have put all the ammo to make them the best for their customers. It is highly unenviable for us to pick one winner from both these highly capable and compelling trucks. Yet, it is evident that both the trucks score high on most of the key critical areas, besides they have their strength and suit for a certain type of application and customer pocket. Bada Dost is a slightly bigger contender- the engine, cargo deck size, cabin and the overall vehicle is big and can take on more cargo for longer trips. Whereas Intra is an equally capable truck for medium to larger size cargo.

If you want to migrate from your current truck or wish to expand your business by bigger truck than the typical entry-level 2T gross weight truck, then Bada Dost and Intra are the right choices. They offer you more payloads, a modern look, a car-like cabin and the ability to take trips to intra and inter-cities, offering you a logical expansion of your logistics business. So, don’t wait; visit the nearest dealership to check out the trucks before deciding to take one home!


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  • Tata Intra V30
    Tata Intra V30
    ₹8.11 - ₹8.44 Lakh*
    • Power 69 hp
    • GVW 2565
    • Mileage 14
    • Engine 1496
    • Fuel Tank 35
    • Payload 1300
    View All Offers
  • Ashok Leyland BADA DOST
    Ashok Leyland BADA DOST
    ₹8.15 - ₹9.47 Lakh*
    • Power 80 hp
    • GVW 2652
    • Mileage 13
    • Engine 1478
    • Fuel Tank 40
    • Payload 1250
    View All Offers

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