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Answered: 5 Most Asked Questions On Google About E-Trio Touro

Published On Feb 28, 2024 02:27 PMBy Dheeraj Nair

The E-Trio Touro electric three-wheeler is an ideal solution for cargo transportation. If you are not convinced, here are the most frequently asked questions on Google, along with answers that can explain why it is an ideal solution. Read on

E-Trio Range

In the last-mile transportation sector, there is significant demand for electric three-wheelers designed to operate efficiently without downtime to improve turnaround times. Fleet owners and individual operators are seeking such electric three-wheeled cargo carriers to improve business profitability. 

Therefore, three-wheeler manufacturers such as E-Trio are offering robust three-wheelers crafted to easily navigate the challenges of last-mile operations and deliver a decent driving range. Specifically, E-Trio’s Touro electric three-wheeler exemplifies such characteristics meant to enhance last-mile cargo movement. 

Moreover, if you are a fleet owner or operator planning on improving your business revenue and are in search of an electric three-wheeler to enhance last-mile operations, the Touro from E-Trio is an ideal solution. Not convinced? here are the answers to the top 5 most frequently asked questions on Google about the Touro which explains why. Read on 

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E-Trio Touro: Questions On Google Answered

E-Trio Touro Torque, powertrain performance and range details

What are the electric motor specifications and battery capacity of the E-Trio Touro?

The E-Trio Touro three-wheeler is designed for efficient powertrain performance, featuring a modern battery management system (BMS)-enabled Lithium-ion battery pack with a 10.8 kWh capacity. It also includes a robust permanent magnet synchronous electric motor capable of generating a peak power of 12.7 hp and a peak torque of 63 Nm.

With its high-performance battery and electric motor, the E-Trio Touro can achieve a gradeability of 12.5 percent and an approximate driving range of 157 km per full charge.

E-Trio Touro Feature list

Does the E-Trio Touro come with sufficient features?

The vehicle is equipped with sensors to monitor vehicle and battery health, as well as AI-based systems for cargo load and route optimisation. It also features intelligent electric vehicle systems for real-time visibility into the shipping process and supply chains. Besides these features, the vehicle also includes cloud-based telematics and a digital cluster. 

E-Trio Touro payload and load body space details and news

Does the E-Trio Touro offer enough space?

The E-Trio Touro three-wheeler is equipped with a spacious cargo deck, offering ample space for larger loads. Its dimensions, measuring 3140 mm in length, 1470 mm in width, and 1740 mm in height, allow it to accommodate larger items. With a longer load body resulting from a 1970 mm wheelbase, it boasts an approximate payload capacity of 550 kg. 

E-Trio Touro safety features and details

How safe is the E-Trio Touro?

The E-Trio Touro three-wheeler prioritises safety with a sturdy chassis and body structure, providing robust protection for the driver and cargo. It is equipped with features such as a hydraulic braking system with regenerative brakes, robust independent suspension, and cloud-based vehicle analytics, maintaining high safety standards.

E-Trio Touro Colour Options

Does the E-Trio Touro help improve profitability? 

The Touro's electric drivetrain requires less maintenance and has lower operational costs, resulting in significant savings over its lifetime. It also comes with a 3-year battery and powertrain warranty, along with a 1-lakh km vehicle warranty, providing peace of mind to owners.

Our Verdict

The adoption of electric three-wheelers such as the E-Trio Touro ideally can improve business profitability since it offers efficient performance and a respectable driving range. Featuring a robust electric powertrain that ensures durability, the Touro electric three-wheeler is also an ideal choice for businesses seeking profitability. 

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