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CityLife is a maker of e-rickshaws for the last-mile mass-mobility needs in India. CityLife e-rickshaws promise easier driving, superior design and rugged overall built quality. The top e-rickshaw range includes City Life Butterfly XV850 2020, City Life Li Prima 2020, City Life Butterfly XV850, City Life Butterfly Deluxe XV850, City Life Butterfly Super Deluxe XV850, City Life Standard XV850, City Life Loader XV850 Closed Body, City Life School Type XV850, among other. The productive, efficient and reliable e-rickshaw range of cargo and passenger carrier segments are priced competitively. Packed with durable and long-range batteries ensuring excellent overall performance on India's often challenging operating conditions. CityLife aims to offer sustainable, greener and high-quality electric vehicles that enhance and enable the earning potential of the customers.

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