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Star E Rickshaws & 3 Wheelers

Star iGlobal Automotive is Madhya Pradesh-based electric vehicle maker that aims to advance India’s EV resolutions by offering key products across various segments. The company is bullish on electric 2 and 4-wheeler and buses segments that would take off electrification of the transport sector rapidly in India. To address the needs of rugged and value for money mobility solutions, Start iGlobal is retailing e-rickshaw-ELECTRIKA-A1 that promise superior product performance for everyday people transportation at zero emission. The company also produces chargers and grids for EVs. The company is also planning to expand its EV portfolio by bringing even more compelling products targeted at different categories.

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Star Trucks In India

Star Electrika A1

Star Electrika A1

From ₹ 1.16 Lakh*
  • Power 2 hp
  • GVW 754
  • Mileage -
  • Engine -
  • Fuel Tank -
  • Payload 390
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Highlights of Star


Star iGlobal Automotive, commonly known as Star, is a leading electric vehicle manufacturing startup firm. Based in Madhya Pradesh, the electric vehicle manufacturers are primarily focused on the three-wheeler segment offering last-mile mobility solutions for the Indian market. 

The Star has come to the limelight with the success of its flagship model, the Star Electrika A1, which is one of the most popular electric three-wheelers in India right now. The Star aims to advance its operations in India’s EV sector by offering highly utilitarian and value-for-money products across different segments. 

The company is bullish on electric two and four-wheeler segments and even buses, which would fuel the process of electrification of the commercial transport sector rapidly in India. The Star aims to cater to the needs of Indian commercial establishments and small business owners offering advanced, environment-friendly and affordable passenger and load carriers across different segments. 

Top Trucks

With plans to advance into the electric two-wheeler, four-wheeler and buses segment in India, Star can be recognised as a Star that offers commercial and personal vehicles that are eco-friendly, cost-effective and utilitarian. The Star’s most popular Star Electrika A1 goes on to speak about the Star’s engineering and design prowess and the quality it promises to deliver for the dynamic needs of Indian commercial sectors including small business owners and transporters. 

Star focuses on manufacturing green electric vehicles that can serve the purposes of Indian commercial sectors with minimum or no negative impact on the environment. The Star has an established infrastructure to manufacture electric vehicles like e-rickshaws that focuses on zero emissions and efficient and affordable last-mile connectivity. 

Vehicle Range

Star iGlobal Automotive is a startup that aims to offer rugged and value-for-money last-mile mobility solutions, addressing the imminent needs in the segment in the Indian market. Start iGlobal is retailing the e-rickshaw ELECTRIKA-A1, which offers superior performance for everyday people transportation with zero emissions. 

The Electricka A1 has gained quite some popularity in India, thanks to the extremely affordable price range of ₹1.16 lakhs to ₹1.20 lakhs as well as excellent build quality, range and capacity when it comes to passenger or even cargo carrying with this vehicle. 

Brand USPs

The e-rickshaw Electricka A1 speaks about the high quality offered by the Star along with great reliability, build quality and low cost of ownership. The Star’s resolution to reduce the impact on the environment makes them one of the leading names fuelling the eco-friendly transformation in the segment in India. 

The company also manufactures chargers and grids for EVs and plans to further expand its EV portfolio by bringing more compelling products across different categories to serve various needs of the Indian commercial sectors and address the last mile connectivity needs. 

Network and Reach 

Based in Madhya Pradesh, Star iGlobal Automotive is constantly expanding its network and reach in India with simultaneous expansion of its electric vehicles portfolio to cater to the dynamic need of the Indian market. 

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Key Highlights of Star

Popular ModelElectrika A1
Expensive ModelElectrika A1
Affordable ModelElectrika A1

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  • Star Electrika A1

    Better choice in rickshaw

    Electrika A1 YC segament ke best aoto riksha hai. Shaktishaalee aur achchhee tarah se nirmit riksha. yaatree aaraam, aas...

    By ranjit
    On: Jun 29, 2022
  • Star Electrika A1

    Electric rickshaw mein accha choice

    The Star Electrika A1 ek bohot hi accha electric e rickshaw hai. Main kareeb 3 mahine se chala raha hoon aur yeh three...

    By uday nath
    On: Jun 17, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions on Star

What is the lowest priced truck model in Star

The Lowest priced model of Star is Electrika A1 with the price of Rs ₹ 1.16 Lakh

What is the highest priced truck model in Star

The highest priced model of Star is Electrika A1 with the price of Rs ₹ 1.16 Lakh

What are the new launches from Star

The latest commercial vehicles of Star are Electrika A1 & more.

What are the popular commercial vehicles of Star

Electrika A1 & more are the popular trucks including light & heavy commercial vehicles.

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