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Avon Trucks In India

Avon E-Auto Greenway

Avon E-Auto Greenway

From ₹1.56 Lakh*
  • Fuel Type Electric
Avon E-KART 207

Avon E-KART 207

From ₹1.26 Lakh*
  • GVW 600
  • Fuel Type Electric
Avon E-Rick 207 Butterfly

Avon E-Rick 207 Butterfly

From ₹1.35 Lakh*
  • Fuel Type Electric


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  • GVW 550
  • Fuel Type Electric
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Highlights of Avon

Brand Brief

Avon commercial vehicles are manufactured by Avon Motors with the Avon name of E World of Avon. Avon Motors established E World of Avon in 2007 with the primary aim to diversify and offer highly advanced and performance oriented products in the commercial electric mobility industry. The Avon aims to offer reliable, modern and performance-centric electric vehicles that come with a combination of simplicity and futuristic technology and can serve the last mile mobility needs in the Indian market. 

The Avon offers some really modern and top-of-the-line electric commercial vehicles which are highly utilitarian and profitable for commercial operators in the last mile mobility segment in India. The Avon is offering a variety of top-end solutions when it comes to electric three-wheelers and has been a leading name in the segment serving the needs of operators both for passenger carriage purposes as well as cargo hauling requirements in the Indian market. 

Truck Ranges 

When it comes to Avon trucks, the Avon has a number of vehicles in the Indian market and the Avon has a very versatile portfolio which serves the needs of all kinds of operations in the last mile mobility segment in India. The Avon offers electric three wheelers for oseneger carriage and also for short distance or last mile cargo delivery needs in the Indian marketx 

Popular Trucks 

The Avon offers a number of electric three wheelers in the Indian market and amongst them, the Avon has 4 flagship models which are the most popular in the Indian market. They are: 

Avon E-Kart 207


Avon E-Auto Greenway

Avon E-Cargo

These 4 vehicles from Avon belong to both passenger and cargo delivery segments and are highly utilitarian, profitable and sustainable vehicles that have highly advanced technologies and a modern design which makes them a preferred choice in the Indian market amongst last mile mobility operators. 

Brand USPs

The key USP of the Avon is the modern design and architecture it uses for its electric three wheelers which makes these vehicles highly reliable and utilitarian. Along with that, the vehicles come with a modern design and appeal, and with powerful motors that give the vehicles superior performance and capabilities in terms of range, battery life as well as passenger and load carrying. 

The Avon offers its electric three wheelers for both passenger and load carriage purposes and the vehicles are optimised for the purpose as well. The e-cargo carriers and e-rickshaws from the Avon are safe and comfortable to drive and come with high quality materials both for the construction as well as for the interiors. Safety is optimum and maximum comfort for the driver and passengers is ensured in all the vehicles offered by the Avon. 

Network and Reach 

Avon has been operating in the last mile mobility segment in India for some time now and the Avon has been also expanding its reach network and portfolio all across the country, offering vehicles optimised for customer needs and multiple service centres and dealerships to ensure customer convenience.

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Key Highlights of Avon

Popular ModelE-Auto Greenway
Expensive ModelE-Auto Greenway
Affordable ModelE-KART 207

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Frequently Asked Questions on Avon

What is the lowest priced truck model in Avon

The Lowest priced model of Avon is E-KART 207 with the price of Rs ₹1.26 Lakh

What is the highest priced truck model in Avon

The highest priced model of Avon is E-Auto Greenway with the price of Rs ₹1.56 Lakh

What are the popular commercial vehicles of Avon

E-Auto Greenway, E-KART 207, E-Rick 207 Butterfly and E-CARGO & more are the popular trucks including light & heavy commercial vehicles.

What are the vehicle bodytypes offered by Avon?

Avon manufactures various vehicles like Auto Rickshaw, 3 Wheeler and E Rickshaw.

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